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Four children drown in pond

Four children from the same family in Soroti district have drowned in a water pond. The incident occurred on Monday evening at Okume swamp in Agule village in Arapai parish.

Simon Ecodu, the father of the children identifies the deceased as Rachael Icodu, Eunice Achen, Vivian Atono and Samuel Ecodu, all below ten years of age.

The pond where the children drowned

The children reportedly drowned while swimming in the water pond that was dug out by their uncle, Robert Elwangu, a brick maker. The elder members of the family had gone to Dakabela parish in Arapai sub-county for the burial of their late sister.
Emmanuel Ecabu, a relative to the bereaved family, says they received a phone call on their way from the burial about the incident.
East Kyoga Region police spokesperson,Michael Odongo says police retrieved the bodies from the pond on Monday evening and took them to Soroti municipality mortuary. Odongo says they have opened investigations vide police file SD 1303/204/2018. 


0 #1 zingulu zzingulu 2018-06-06 10:10
What a tragedy! was there no elder left behind to watch over the children all day?
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0 #2 Lakwena 2018-06-07 13:57
Quoting zingulu zzingulu:
What a tragedy! was there no elder left behind to watch over the children all day?

Zingulu zzingulu, parents or elders are not omnipresent to be everywhere, everytime.

Besides, children are children, who know no danger.

E.g., in P5, I remember one of the school holidays at my grandmother, I almost drowned two of my friends who did not know how to swim.

Using loose mud from the bank of the pond, I dared plug the bottom of a canoe, whose owner deliberately punctured a hole in the middle to prevent children from using it.

After a few row, the mud gave way. You can only imagine the terror when the canoe started taking in water, and simply sunk under our wet bottom.

Each time I think of that incident, I am still haunted. Thank God my friends only swallowed a few liters of the cold papyrus swampy water.
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0 #3 Monkeyshines 2018-06-07 23:53
Were any fish harmed by this? Hope not!
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