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Kabale school fire kills P.7 pupil

A primary seven pupil of Kabale universal nursery and primary has succumbed to burn injuries she sustained during a fire outbreak that gutted the girl's dormitory and and administration block last evening. 

Adrine Arinda passed on moments later at Kabale regional referral hospital where she had been rushed for treatment. According to witnesses, the fire broke out at around 07:30pm on Monday evening destroying the girl's dormitory, administration block and property worth millions of shillings.

Police firefighters attempt to put out the fire 

Two teachers who were on night duty attribute the fire outbreak on a short circuit. The teachers told URN on condition of anonymity that they saw sparks the wires in the corner of the burnt dormitory before it started spreading to the pupil's beddings.

They claim most of the pupils ran for dear life as they were preparing to go for night preps when the fire started. Arinda was lying in bed ill and couldn't run to safety. The police fire fighting team rushed to the school to contain the fire from spreading to other buildings but ran out of water. The fire tender had to rush to National Water and Sewerage Corporation to fetch more water. 

John Byabagambi, the principal education officer Kabale municipality describes the incident as unfortunate and blames the school administration for installing burglar proof windows in the dormitories, which hampered rescue efforts.


+1 #1 Odongkara 2018-06-05 10:50
But do our schools in Uganda take health and safety of the learners and staff a priority? What's the fire management policy of this school like?

If it's nonexistent then l will advice the parents of this deceased girl sue for damages and safety of the learners.
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+1 #2 Jacob Nansinguza 2018-06-05 12:09
The media has been awash of stories, in the recent past, of school related fire break outs. In some of these, some lives have been lost - so sad.

I think it speaks to the Ministry of Education and Sports Uganda, as regards to policies that govern licencing of schools specifically - the safety standards.

The safety of the students and pupils, must be revisited and revised in bid to ensure a stringent, sustainable and enforceable policy to ensure that children and pupils lives aren't lost anyhow.
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0 #3 Kelly 2018-06-06 09:15
And as it is always the case of knee jerk reactions from government during such tragedies, immediately some eye-catching-non-implementable policy or resolution will be passed that will go in abeyance as soon as it is announced due to the usual slogan of "we don't have ADEQUATE resources".

Go to any school now and you will be shell shocked at the poor architecture, poor ventilation, non existent of safety measure and generally poor structures littered all over.
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0 #4 Kelly 2018-06-06 09:19
Everyone in the MoES is busy scheming for World Bank, AfDB, UIB or other donor money for "projects" and not doing the basic especially supervision.

I have refused to allow my children use one of the school buses or children's transport vehicles because there is totally no guidance of how they should be managed.

The next tragedy (God forbid) will be a school bus getting a nasty accident with over 50 children for a mini van licensed to carry 29.

Can't government put in place just simple basic regulations regarding school children transportation like it is done in Tanzania so well with very minimum resources?
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