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Father stabbed to death over Shs 200 gambling bet

Simon Emugu, a 29-year-old father of two and a resident in Kalongo trading centre in Soroti district has been stabbed to death following a disagreement in a betting game.

Eye witnesses say that Emugu was playing cards with three of his colleagues at Kalongo trading centre when he was attacked for failing to pay Shs 200 for a playing round he'd lost to a one Robert Enunu. In Teso sub-region, a number of youths have taken gambling as the only source of quick money.

Michael Ochen, LCIII chairperson Tubur sub-county says the brawl started when Enunu pushed Emugu to the ground for failing to abide by the principles of the game.
According to Ochen, the two then got involved in a fist fight. During the fight, Enunu picked a knife and stabbed Emugu, killing him instantly. 

The clan members of the deceased on Sunday morning reacted by torching 28 grass thatched houses belonging to the suspect's family and looted over 20 head of cattle including chicken among other valuable items.

Michael Odongo, the East Kyoga region police spokesperson told URN that the suspect is in police custody at Soroti central police station, adding that police has initiated an investigation into the incident.


+3 #1 Lakwena 2018-06-04 14:10
The freedom to gamble introduced by the current regime, is one of Mr. M7/NRM sabotage: to stupefy and drive our youths into dehumanizing absolute poverty and self-destruction.

Even before independence, in the 60s, 70s and mid 80; because of its negative, addictive and destructive influence on the individual and family; gambling was crime.

In other words, the NRM leadership, is an Organized Criminal Regime/organization.

Whose organized crimes includes gambling away the future of the youths and disguised human-trafficking, in the name cheap labor export; especially to the Middle East and open-door policy influx of refugees.
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