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Church House not up for sale - Archbishop Ntagali

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali has dismissed media reports indicating that the Church House building on Kampala Road is to be auctioned off by a bank so as to recover its loan money advanced to the church recently.  

Addressing pilgrims at the Anglican shrine, in reference to the Sunday Vision story, President Yoweri Museveni expressed concern that the Church House, to which he contributed Shs 300 million towards its construction was up for auction. 

President Museveni addressing pilgrims at Namugongo

According to story, the property is at risk of being auctioned off by Equity bank that extended Shs 43 billion loan towards the construction of the 16 storey building over non-payment. The report said that the bank wanted to auction off the building last year in a bid to recover the money it invested in the project. 

The structure was estimated to cost Shs 61.6 billion once completed with Christians contributing towards the church project for the past 40 years and additional funding provided by Equity bank.

"On Church House, I saw in the papers that they were threatening…something was happening but I pledged…we cannot allow that to happen. I will discuss with your leaders because you have done a great job to put up that tall building. It should become a base not to be taken over by the business people." Museveni said.

Calling the report total lies being peddled by the enemies of the church, Ntagali explained that Equity bank is a church partner in the project and that the building contractor, Cementers are to hand over the building to the Anglican Church this month on June 14. 

"Your excellency what you, and, all of us read in the papers, are total lies, we’ve a representative of Equity bank our partner and our contractors, Cementers are handing over the building to us on 14th this month. This month, Equity bank is set to move from Katwe to Church House next month.

The Church holdings missions company has planned that during the assembly on 23rd August, we officially open the building and we’re inviting you your excellency to be our guest of honour on that day. Let us forgive New Vision for the propaganda, those are not our friends who put that article and may God forgive them." said Ntangali. 


It is estimated that there were more pilgrims this year who converged at both the Catholic and Anglican shrines in Namugongo to celebrate the lives of 46 martyrs killed between 1885 and 1887.

It is estimated that about four million pilgrims from within and outside Uganda flocked to both shrines to attend the country's most attended event. Every June 3rd, faithfuls especially Anglicans and Catholics take part in a pilgrimage to the martyrs shrines in Namugongo. 

The 22 Catholic and 24 Anglican converts were killed between May and June 1886 on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda kingdom. In October 1964, Pope Paul VI canonized the Uganda Martyrs.
At the Anglican shrine at Nakiyanja, service was led by the Greater Kigezi Diocese which comprises of Kigezi, North Kigezi, Muhabura and Kinkiizi while at the Catholic shrine, the celebrations were led by Tororo Diocese. Tororo last presided over the martyrs day celebrations 20 years ago in 1998.
Some of the key dignitaries at Nakiyanja included prime minister Ruhakana Rugunda, speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga, former prime minister Amama Mbabazi, state minister for planning David Bahati, former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye. When Besigye was introduced to the pilgrims, there was a rapturing cheer from the crowd. 
Museveni said he was happy that there were now more pilgrims at the Anglican shrine unlike in previous years, when the church went to sleep as their Catholic brothers earned big from the day. 
With several roads to and around both shrines blocked off or half closed, residents of Namugongo, Kyaliwajjala struggled to access their homes.
As part of the security plan, several roads leading to both the Catholic and Anglican shrines were closed from a distance of 5km. Residents were left with two options, to either walk or use boda-boda taxis.
Traffic in the surrounding areas of Namugongo was also noticeably affected with those driving having to take longer routes to get to their destinations. Harriet Nabitalo, resident of Namugongo, says on top of closing the roads, transport fares were also hiked.
From Namugongo to Kireka boda boda cyclists were charging Shs 5,000 from the usual Shs 2,000 fare while from Kireka to town, taxis were charging Shs 3,000 from the usual Shs 1,500.
For some residents however, Martyrs Day brought with it several business opportunities. William Kato, a resident in the area increased the price of 20 litre jerrycan of water from Shs 200 to Shs 1,000.
Several homesteads also opened up their toilet facilities for commercial benefit with some charging as high as Shs 2,000 per person. Steward Cadribo, a security guard at Shrine guesthouse near St. Kizito high school, Namugongo said one had to part with Shs 1,500 and Shs 2,000 to access his bathrooms and toilet facilities.
Cadribo was also charging between Shs 5,000 and Shs 15,000 as parking fees per vehicle. He said because of the Martyrs Day, which he wanted to be extended beyond June 3, he's able to make lots money from the over 50 vehicles his parking lot is able to accommodate. 


0 #1 Jama 2018-06-05 01:22
The introduction of Besigye welcomed by cheers. Another massive blow to the national ruining movement after the Busoga and Rukungiri electoral defeats.

The absurd moment of this colourful event was, when the liberator requested for the canonisation of Kambaragr Nyerere his partner in crime.

This man sent troops to Uganda which committed several atrocities. Innocent Ugandans were murdered, rapped and Kampala was looted to completely
Adding.to the misery of the traumatised population .

The wife of one of neighbours was rapped before our eyes. My white primary school uniform was even stained with blood from this odious act.

Many victims infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Thank God by then there was no Aids.
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0 #2 Jama 2018-06-05 13:28
After the so called liberation gunshots in Kampala had become like music in bars.

Assassinations were part of life .It was no longer a surprise to wake up and hear someone has been shot somewhere.

So its this late war monger that our warlord is proposing to be canonized. Imagine Hitler proclaiming Mussolini saint
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0 #3 Lakwena 2018-06-06 09:19
But, since the 70s this building has taken forever to build. During the early Amin's era, so much and so many fundraising was done, but the building never saw day light until recently and painstakingly.

In other words, without funfairs, much ado and political speeches; how did the Catholic Church do it to build Mapeera House from scratch to finish?

I guess it was and still is: austerity and HONESTY!

When we go to the Namugongo Shines, it is the same story. The Anglican site remains shoddy and shabby.

Style up Church of Uganda. It is not that you are poorer; besides, more than often the CU has been financially and favorably treated than the Catholics.
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0 #4 Lakwena 2018-06-06 09:24
Quoting Jama:
After the so called liberation gunshots in Kampala had become like music in bars.

Assassinations were part of life .It was no longer a surprise to wake up and hear someone has been shot somewhere.

So its this late war monger that our warlord is proposing to be canonized. Imagine Hitler proclaiming Mussolini saint

In other words Jama, especially medical doctors were being bumped off, left, right and center in order to embarrass and demonize short-lived Godfrey Binaisa's administration.

No wonder to date they are being treated and paid shabby salaries, and about to be replaced by the Bamwufu Bacubans.
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