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Janet's security rough up Makerere professor

The security detail of Education and Sport minister, also first lady Janet Kataha Museveni has roughed a Makerere University professor.

Ms Museveni's body guards roughed up Prof Jacob Godfrey Agea this morning to pave way for the first lady in a stretch between the College of Social Sciences (CHUSS) and Makerere main building. 

Prof Jacob Agea being held by Janet Museveni's guards

According to eye witnesses, Prof Agea was walking past the main building from his College as the first lady was leaving the university after opening the Makerere-Sweden Bilateral Research Programme annual planning meeting.

The professor yelled for help and dropped his bag as the soldiers lifted him up. Prof Agea declined to comment on the matter and referred our reporter to the communications officer of Makerere University, saying they are barred from speaking to the press. 
"We have a communication policy in this university and you know I am not supposed to speak to you about the incident. So kindly talk to the University PRO (public relations officer)," Agea said. The Makerere University senior publicist, Rita Namisango was unavailable for comment as she did not pick calls.

URN was also unable to get a comment from Janet's security on why they acted the way they did. Prof Agea is a professor of Applied Ethno-botany & Food Security in the Department of Extension and Innovation Studies, School of Agricultural Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.


+10 #1 WADADA rogers 2018-04-23 17:43
That is the price of staying around for too long and wanting to be in charge of everything, its gets to a time one when fears their own shadow.
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-3 #2 Jojo 2018-04-23 18:37
Thank you for the news and its unforunate but the photo above although it is taken from the back does not resemble that of Prof. Jacob Agea that I know.

Anyway maybe I am the one mistaken.
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+1 #3 rubangakene 2018-04-23 20:25
Would this have happened if the "professor" was suitably dressed? Hardly likely, still this is no way to treat a fellow human being in the present "peaceful country".

This harks back to the time of Obote 11 when Vice President Mwanga's security men were known to roughen up anybody, I mean women or children who crossed the road when the entourage was travelling along Entebbe-Kampala-Entebbe route.

ATROCIOUS behaviour; who would like to harm the "harmless lady" any way?
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+3 #4 Hamiida Namugga 2018-04-23 20:59
It would not have hurt the Mama's security if they handled our beloved professor with some modest respect.

Respect is very well understood and appreciated when it begins with self.

We need to learn and let people know that Mzee Kaguta Museveni's government is not a military one. Let's be civil
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-2 #5 Butabika 2018-04-24 04:33
Prof Agea was roughed up & "lifted" by m7's wife soldiers. Doing the manhandling did the professor channel the lord mayor lukwago's equivalent of help- "wuuwiii, wuuwiii" or was it a straightforward "HELP"?
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+1 #6 Joel baruka 2018-04-24 04:47
Now i understand why my father never went anywhere near presidential or senior government official visits to avoid such embarrassment.

Back in the 1980s obote's presidential convoy was heading to entebbe, my dad was driving heading the opposite direction, he was stopped by one of the land Rovers in the convoy.

He was served hot fresh slaps & breath-taking kicks. Reason being that he failed to stop &pull over as the presidential convoy was passing through, so professor next time you know the president or his wife are in the area, stay home til they leave to avoid such humiliation.
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+2 #7 Muntu Kintu 2018-04-24 04:54
Why humiliate as grown man who's minding his business, i mean lifting him as if he's a baby, well next time come with a stroller to put him in, a pacifier, baby formula &diapers too. Busajja mwe mutujooze nnyo.
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+5 #8 Lakwena 2018-04-24 08:07
"When justice in the soul, man/woman rules. But when injustice is in the soul, the monster rules".

In other words, it was not Janet's security, but her "insecurity" that roughed up Prof. Jacob Agea.
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0 #9 Jama 2018-04-25 01:46
Another act of barbarism. This proves we are slaves in our own country.

And the prof is ordered to remain silent after that aggression by the mulokole' body guards.

The psychosis of losing power is compelling thia family to consider even the harmless to be an enemy.
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0 #10 Nuwamanya 2018-04-25 08:12
Well, I was there, I saw it all. I was first told to go around almost a distance of 1 km from my office and come back to the same spot.

No body checked me, no body did anything and I wondered why I had to move all the way.

That lady was in main building which is not even connected to Agriculture but we were being treated like fools, wasting precious time, just moving around. Heard one international student bare out his frustration and wondering what those mean eyed army men were doing.

He equated it to a mini frontline! I sincerely pray she never steps again in Makerere. Besides, I dont see how she can even be of help. I dont even know what she does that is of help to Uganda.

Instead, she just makes other peoples life miserable. The same reason, why people would want them out of power. If you cannot reign in on your security to treat Ugandans fairly, how on earth can we be led by you. The bible says that when bad leaders reign, the people suffer.
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