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Parliament seeks Shs 3bn for 12 new legislators

Parliament is seeking Shs 3.3 billion for the emoluments of twelve more legislators starting July 1, 2018.

According to the parliamentary service commission, the number of MPs will increase from 453 to 465 at the start of the of 2018/2019 financial year when new districts and municipalities come into effect. 

An overcrowded parliamentary session. Starting July 1, 2018 twelve more legislators will join the House

While appearing before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, Usuk County MP Peter Ogwang, a commissioner of parliament, called for allocation of more money to cater for the new legislators.

He says although very vital, the money remains under the underfunded priorities based on the 2018/2019 financial budget estimates for parliament.

He explains that the Electoral Commission has already released a roadmap for the election of representatives from the new districts and municipalities, which calls for provision of funds for the legislators.
Parliament is seeking Shs 646 billion for FY 2018/2019. Shs 90 billion is budgeted for wages while Shs 489 billion is for non-wage expenditure.  

The recurrent budget would account for Shs 579 billion while the development budget accounts for Shs 66 billion.

However, the ministry of Finance has only provided Shs 86 billion for wages, 305 billion for non-wage expenditure and maintained the development budget at Shs 66 billion to cater for the construction of the new parliament chambers.

On the other hand, the recurrent budget was reduced to Shs 392 billion bringing total budget of parliament to about Shs 459 billion. The budget cut will leave the institution with a shortfall of Shs 187 billion.
Opposition chief whip Ibrahim Ssemujju says it's a shame that parliament has no offices for MPs to work from. He says some MPs may stay away from parliament since they don't have offices and computers to do their work.

Semujju says they have warned government against creating more districts and constituencies in vain. Jane Kibirige, the clerk to parliament, says the challenge of space is likely to continue for the next three years until the completion of the new parliament chambers.

She says despite securing office space at Queen Chambers at Shs 4.5 billion annually to supplement the parliamentary building, the lack of space situation hasn't changed. Kibirige says they are looking at acquiring buildings near parliament to create more space as construction for the new chambers continues.


On September 3, 2015, parliament approved the creation of 23 new districts with 196 MPs voting for, six against and three abstaining from, the motion tabled by the then minister of Local Government, Adolf Mwesige.
Mwesige then said that it was considered necessary to create the districts for effective administration of those areas and to bring services closer to the people.
He said government had put into consideration the means of communication, geographical features, destiny of the population, the economic viability and the wishes of the people concerned.
The districts were to be phased over a five-year period including Kagadi, Kakumiro, Omoro and Rubanda which became effective on July 1, 2016. Namisindwa, Pakwach, Butebo, Rukiga, Kyotera and Bunyangabu followed on July 1, 2017, with Nabilatuk, Bugweri, Kasanda, Kwania, Kapelebyong and Kikuube becoming operational on July 1, 2018.

The last batch would have Obongi, Kazo, Rwampara, Kitagwenda, Madi-Okollo, Karenga and Lusot which will become effective on July 1, 2019.


Parliament also approved the creation of 19 new municipalities twelve of which became effective on July 1, 2015 retrospectively.

They include among others Nansana, Kira, Makindye Ssabagabo in Wakiso district, Kisoro, Mityana, Kitgum, Koboko, Mubende, Kumi, Luganzi in Buikwe district, Kamuli and Kapchorwa.

The other municipalities come into force at the start of the 2018/2019 financial year. They include among others Ibanda, Njeru in Buikwe district, Apac, Nebbi, Bugiri, Sheema and Kotido.


+6 #1 fkyyyyyy 2018-04-23 07:51
These districts are about bringing corruption nearer to the people.
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+5 #2 WADADA rogers 2018-04-23 08:28
Oh dear, this country is indeed gone to the dogs, why waste all that money on a bunch of not so useful legislators doing nothing for this country, that money could help uplift the lives of patients in hospitals in more than 20 districts in Uganda
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+1 #3 Lakwena 2018-04-23 10:09
In other words, at this rate Ugandans can as well curse God and die.
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+4 #4 Ensi eno!! 2018-04-23 15:24
Are our misleaders Ugandans really? Do these guys have any feelings for the tax payers really?

The next People centred Government should reduce the almost 200 districts to 50 or less, remove youth, army, workers and women MPs from Parliament so that we have 100 at most MPs. M7 and team have really harmed our once great nation.

This nonsense of taking services to the people should stop! How many ambulances, tractors, graders, schools have got stuck on the way and failed to reach beneficiaries because of the long distances from the pre-1986 district HQs???
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+4 #5 Yumbe 2018-04-23 16:31
Read a book by Peter Evans titled Predator States and understand the plight of Uganda.

The country has little or no hope to develop. There will a second campaign for independence.
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+2 #6 Akot 2018-04-23 18:56
WADADA rogers, agreed!

Funny, France that has National education-healthcare-good roads & housing... combined 2 or 3 departments to form 1, thus reducing n° of elected local/district members to ensure better services to people! Right now, France is reducing n° of law makers before next election!

But Uganda that does not even have National education to ensure every child gets education is having more law makers-elected members: for what?

Ah! museveni also has so many crime preventers in a country where there is not much to steal from poor unserviced public!

Why are Ugandans letting museveni bury them alive?
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+1 #7 Akot 2018-04-23 19:03
Lakwena, but

God is Ugandans' only chance & all they have to do is UNITE & pray so that He forgives & helps them!

How can God help Ugandans if they continue being tribalists maintaining the tribalistic system that is the hell in which they live & they alone can get out then shut it up?

Are UN-EU not going along with museveni as if Ugandans don't exist?

Are Ugandans waiting for museveni to reform the republic just as he wants & will have Rwandese governors in regions, while districts will be run by refugees who will then have Uganda passports?

What place will Ugandans have then when now they have no say?
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+1 #8 rubangakene 2018-04-23 20:35
Get rid of the "old people" and replace them with the new legislators so hat no money is lost; a simple maths!

What do all these legislators do anyway? In the last thirty years only a handful of meaningful laws have been passed.

It is a high time that we have a re-think of trimming down this 'white elephant' and replace it with fresh brains.
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0 #9 Akot 2018-04-24 19:09
rubangakene, agreed!

French got rid of their old with old politics & went for a young inexperienced economist who founded a brand new party won & immediately French gave him new young mps & he is trimming down n° of senators at next election & it will be younger ones coming in as things are!

Even when Macron makes decisions the old politicians don't like, French prefer giving him a chance!

But French are holding on to their established social system: education-healthcare-subsidised agriculture-public transport-good housing/roads...that Macron would never dare threaten if he wants another 5 year term!

Did Americans not go for D.Trump to say NO to old used up politics?

British brought in much younger T.Blair & things turned out good for them!

Ugandans cannot talk of election under museveni, but UNITY to throw the entire system out FIRST or there is no chance for next move!
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0 #10 Akot 2018-04-24 19:21
Ugandans MUST see what happens outside: people UNITE & come out to block rulers they don't want, otherwise these selfish selfstyled gods would just go on, as museveni is doing!

Has museveni not cleared ground for just him to be winner of any fake election under his well established tribalistic system held in place by the very people who say they don't want the dictator?

Armenians are the last to come out & forced their prime minister to stand down.

But museveni will NEVER stand down unless Ugandans UNITE against him & block him completely!

Armenian army joined the people in their Unity to force their pm out!

Ah! even S.Africans-Zimbabweas who got independence well after Ugandans, have done the right thing to throw their leaders out, they "UNITED" for common purpose!

Even Acholi tribal leader is helping museveni stay on!!!
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