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22-year-old arrested for stealing 40 computers from Makerere

The suspect with some of the suspects 

Police at Makerere University has arrested a 22-year old man for vandalising and stealing computer parts from the College of Computing and Information Sciences laboratory.  

The suspect identified as Daniel Ogwal was arrested after breaking into level four of the Block B building at the College of Computing and Information Sciences.

Cadet ASP Jude Eliphaz Masingano, the OC operations at Makerere police station told URN that police officers who were guarding the premises heard cracking noise in the lab and alerted their superiors who reinforced the deployment.

Ogwal was later arrested with computer parts comparable to 40 computer motherboards, and 25 RAM chips. He is currently being held at Makerere University police.

"Around 3am coming to 4am is the time when policemen who were guarding there heard some weird noises in the lab - that’s level 4 of ICT. And when we headed there, we happened to find there a one Ogwal Daniel who was opening CPUs and keeping computer parts. We observer him and deployed accordingly to make sure that there are no extra people to flee the arrest. At around 4am we managed to arrest this man with all his exhibits and the law will take its course and soon or later we shall crack down on the big group that is terrorising computer labs in Makerere," said Masingano. 

Interestingly Ogwal, who said was not a student of Makerere stays in room P-10 at the University Hall, one of the halls of residence for male students.

Masingano equated the theft to an incident last month in which unidentified thugs broke into the offices of the Imam of Makerere University mosque and made off with two computers and Shs 60,000.

The thugs had cut through the roof of the mosque to gain access to the offices. Four other computers were later recovered from the ceiling. Police suspect that Ogwal has knowledge on who stole at the mosque since they all were looking for computer motherboards.

"When they broke through the mosque ceiling they just got a few computer parts, the motherboard and some chips which look like the RAMs to the computers. When you look at the exhibit recovered from this boy, they are the same things that were got from the mosque…We’re yet to find out but according to the way we look at the situation he must have a been a student but due to too much retakes he must have dropped out but still stays in the hall of residence," said Masingano.


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