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State asks Nyanzi to drop mental exam block application

The state has asked Makerere University research fellow, Dr Stella Nyanzi to withdraw her application filed before the Constitutional court seeking to block a High court order subjecting her to a mental examination. 

Last year, the Criminal Division of the High court ordered that Nyanzi be subjected to mental examination, when she was dragged to court for offences relating to offensive communication and misuse of the computer under the Computer Misuse Act 2011.

Dr Stella Nyanzi has been asked to drop her Constitutional court application 

The charges stemmed from post on Nyanzi's Facebook wall, in which she referred to President Yoweri Museveni as "a pair of buttocks."

Nyanzi filed an application before the Constitutional court to block the order to subject her to a mental examination and also that her case be heard by Buganda Road Chief Magistrate's court.

This morning, state prosecutor Jonathan Muwaganya asked Nyanzi to drop her application in the Constitutional court if she wants her case to be heard in Magistrate's court. Mugwanya told court presided over by the Buganda Road chief magistrate James Eremye Mawanda that what Nyanzi did was unlawful.

In his response, Nyanzi's lawyer, Isaac Semakadde asked the magistrate to critically analyse the application he filed on July 21, 2017 on behalf of his client. He also argued that their application was lawful.

After hearing from both parties, Mawanda adjourned the matter to March 7 when he will decide whether or not to hear Nyanzi's case.

The last time the case came up for hearing the director of public prosecution, Mike Chibita apologised for the delays, citing the industrial action by prosecutors, which couldn't allow them to proceed.

Nyanzi isn't new to controversy. In 2016, he stripped naked and used obscene language to protest a decision by Prof Mahmood Mamadani, the director of Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) to evict her from her office after she refused to teach. 


+3 #1 Akot 2018-02-20 19:47
{The state has asked Makerere University research fellow, Dr Stella Nyanzi to withdraw her application...}

Is there any Ugndan still not sure Uganda is museveni (the state), & he alone decides?

Why are Ugandans providing tax money to beused to humiliate-abuse-torture... their own like this?

Why still pretend that Dr Stella Nyanzi, or any Ugandan brought before musevni's court, will get justice?

Why do Ugandans leave their own: Dr Stella Nyanzi, Dr Besigye, Mayor of Kampala...to be tortured by museveni's institutions at will?

Why does museveni own-control every institution, yet Ugandans go by in peace providing tax money used to silence them for ever?

Why are Ugandans letting museveni use them as fire balls agains one another?
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+4 #2 miki 2018-02-21 07:52
Dr. Nyanzi never needed a mental examination in the first place.

The nefarious 1938 colonial law cited by government was designed to dubiously use medicine to discredit, ostracize and also perhaps destroy peoples' reputations by pillory.

The British designed that law to destroy opponents by declaring them insane for questioning or even rebelling against colonial rule and everything that represented it.

It is ironical and kind of hypocritical of a government led by self proclaimed anti-colonialism Mr. Museveni, to be trying to use this law to silence, and also perhaps destroy Dr. Nyanzi by pillory as insane.

The relevant question is whether Dr. Nyanzi understands the charges against her, and whether she is capable of aiding in her defence.
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0 #3 Akot 2018-02-21 19:41
miki, agreed.

More so museveni has no legitimacy in being in Uganda after all he has done to divide/destroy us, a people who were kind enough to give him shelter!

Present situation is just as it's in "Nanny McPhee movie"!

Nanny McPhee told the children she was to take care of, even when they didn't want her & told her so:

*When you NEED me but don't want me, I will be there, but

*When you WANT me but don't NEED me any more, I won't be there, I will have to go then!

Ugandans believed they needed museveni, but do they still do so, especialy now that they don't want him now?

Why is museveni still in Uganda dictating-imprisoning-silencing-enslaveing every body & controls every institution & tax money?

Does this situation make sense to any of us?
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