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Museveni downplays CMI, Police fight fears

President Yoweri Museveni has downplayed reports of fighting between the police and the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). Reports of animosity between the two agencies emerged after the arrest of several police officers and informers.

President Museveni

But Museveni told journalists at Kawumu presidential demonstration farm in Luweero district that there was no fight between the security agencies. He however hinted at possible bickering between individual security officers. It is a public secret that security minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde and police boss Gen Kale Kayihura are not the best of friends. They have publicly attacked each other's work methods in ensuring security and peace in the country.

Museveni added that police officers who were recently arraigned before the General Court Martial misbehaved by serving the interests of foreigners at the expense of Ugandans. He urged security personnel to focus on fighting the enemy instead of weakening security strictures by fighting amongst themselves.

Those facing charges before the General Court Martial include Nixon Agasirwe, the former head of the Special Operations Unit in police. He is charged alongside Joel Aguma the former commandant of Professional Standards Unit, Faisal Katende, an operative of the Flying Squad, Sgt Abel Tumukunde also of Flying Squad and James Magada who works with Crime Intelligence.

The nine are accused of kidnapping Lt Joel Mutabazi, a former bodyguard to Rwandan president Paul Kagame and Jackson Kalemera and repatriating them to Rwanda.

Others who have been arrested are Abdullah Kitatta, the chairman of Bodaboda 2010 and 12 others who were jointly charged before the Unit Disciplinary Court sitting at the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence in Mbuya. Kitatta was a close confidant of Kayihura.

While reacting to a refugee scam involving senior government officials and some members from humanitarian assistance organisations, Museveni said that all those found guilty will go to jail and refund the money.

"Well, the ones who’re stealing refugee money will go to jail. That is simple because the prisons are there, Luzira is there it is waiting for some occupants from the Prime Ministers office who steal refugee food. And of course, I think God will kill them himself because to steal what is meant for refugees, what is meant for desperate people, God will also come in. These thieves have lots of problems…these thieves will pay…they will pay and they bring shame to our country because these refugees come from all sorts of countries and the funder...They will regret," said Museveni

Complaints indicate that the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) in connivance with aid workers have been inflating refugee figures in order to attract more aid which is then corruptly shared.

The allegations were reportedly raised by South Sudan refugees to UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, during a recent visit to Uganda. Donors have since threatened to withdraw the funding if the government doesn't act tough on those found guilty of the scam.  


0 #21 Akot 2018-02-16 19:59
Quoting Lysol:
It seems M7 has come out of the closet, with that kind of outfits...

Was it a wardrobe malfunction? No surprise here, that man can do anything to fool his Western backers without shame.


Museveni believes his Western backers have short memories like Ugandans! Has he not upgraded, for the third time, State House & all his other residences in Uganda & spent billions?

Has museveni not made it clear that 5 years in office wasn't enought to put in development projects?

How many years has the demon been in office, yet says 5 years...?
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0 #22 Akot 2018-02-16 20:14
Odongo Richard Otim,

Agreed, but,

Throwing security forces against one another is now necessary for museveni as ordinary/civilians are already at one another & there is no danger from them, divided as they are & without National opposition leadership!

Museveni knows UNITY of a people is necessary to bring down a demon like him & he has so far done so well by keeping Ugandans at each other's throat & personalised parliament that works for him!

Are tribal leaders not help museveni stay on, even when these do not know one another & have never met?

It's only Ugandans, in Unity, who have the power to overhaul the system!

Museveni cannot overhaul his own system & throw himself out of power, right?
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+1 #23 Akot 2018-02-16 20:32

Unless Ugandans listen to monotonous/boring Akot, they entire wolrd will continue ignoring Ugandans because our people are alright with the tribalistic system giving them all the services they need!

Ugandans should know the tribalistic system MUST be brought down & tribal leaders MUST stand down, if Ugandans are to be legitimate in wanting help from developed countries!

As it is, not even UN will side with Ugandans, but will continue taking care of refugees in the country!

Akot knows singing Ugandans to Unity is the only help/advice needed!

Until Ugandans understand this, UN-EU will continue resettling tribalists refugees at armed wars in Uganda while ignoring Ugandans completely!...
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0 #24 Akot 2018-02-16 20:37
...No developed country talks about Uganda except to say it's a peaceful prosperous country, while refugees in Uganda are brought on BBC Focus on Africa...to testify how good Uganda is for them!

Akot is sorry for not agreeing that Ugandans are not alright in their country & if Akot is wrong, then Ugandans must come out in UNITY to say how happy-prosperous-developed...museveni has turned their lives/country into - because this is what the outside world knows to be the situation in Uganda under museveni!

Akot is so sorry calling Ugandans to Unity, calling tribal leaders to stand down to bring to crumble the t'ribalistic system so that museveni is thrown out in UNITY & Ugandans get chance to either Reform the Republic or go for independent tribal states!...
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-2 #25 Akot 2018-02-16 20:46
...Until Ugandans listen to Akot or come out in Unity to say Akot is wrong & should leave them alone with museveni in peace, the rest of the world will continue believeing Ugandans are well catered for by museveni & they don't want Akot to say otherwise & bore them with nonsense whey they have the kind of country & leader they would exchange for no other!

While the rest of the world have understood Ugandans want museveni & no other, Akot does not want to do so! It's time Ugandans come out in UNITY to SHUT AKOT UP & just live their peaceful prosperous lives under musevedni, who by the way is going no where without UNITY against him!

Congratulations, museveni, you couldn't have conquered a better country: Akot who left in 1987 seems to be the danger to Uganda & not you!
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-2 #26 Akot 2018-02-16 20:57
Outside museveni Uganda, Akot's child got education, is working, bought a house-car!

Why should Akot not want Ugandans to UNITE & bring change of governance so that their children in Uganda have the same chance?

Is Akot selfish in calling Ugandans to Unity to bring change, without which there will never be a future for any child, except museveni's-tribal leaders' & the few bought off!

Would Akot get gold medal-praises-good notations... if Akot joins museveni-UN-EU in saying Uganda is peaceful prosperous & developed under museveni & needs no change of leadership?

Please, let me know what you say!
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-2 #27 Akot 2018-02-16 21:12
Yet, with Akot told off, it's time for Akot to call museveni to his senses:

"Museveni, it's time to disolve the tribalistic system & make tribal leaders common citizens"!

This will bring you back on world stage & developed countries' leaders won't be afraid to just go along with you!

Akot played a part in opening eyes of the world as to the tribalism you have legalised-officialised-constitutionalized without them noticing, justs Ugandans didn't/still don't!

Now that developed world are afraid to continue openly with your tribalistic system & as Ugandans are alright with it, all you have to do, museveni, is Reform the Republic of Uganda to be a real leader & not the lame president-chief tribal leader you continue to be!

After all, who will defy your move in Reforming the Republic & continue to be president?
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0 #28 rubangakene 2018-02-16 22:26
In other words it is alright to steal from indigenous Ugandans and escape prison.

Here in Uganda, ministers have stolen money for sick people and they are still in government and roaming freely.
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0 #29 Ennu 2018-02-17 14:36
[quote name="Akot"]Ennu,

Unless Ugandans listen to monotonous/boring Akot, they entire wolrd will co

Ugandans should know the tribalistic system MUST

Akot knows singing Ugandans to Unity is the only help/advice needed!

Akot, We hear you, and I think pretty much Ugandans are United, as evidenced by the unanimous verdict the masses passed in unity against the age limit bill.

I think We Ugandans who have grown here and suffered the brunt of this politics over the last 30 years while you are away are past the preaching of UNITY stage; the next phase needed is for action, and such requires people like you to be on the ground in the peri - urban; urban and rural areas to mobilize for action.

Otherwise, your preaching of UNITY UNITY UNITY on this forum day in and day out, will never yield any results. I think by now you would have realized that.

BUT, you are welcome to preach it, and yes we do listen too and read, but to what end, I ask?
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