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Nigerian official says snake ‘swallowed’ missing money

Miss Tourism
Snakes can do a lot of things, including making Miss Tourism scream, but chewing Naira is a new one.

A Nigerian official has claimed that a snake swallowed hundreds of thousands of dollars that went missing under her watch, reports the BBC.

According to the report, a saleswoman working for the Nigerian exam board gave the dubious excuse after auditors discovered 36 million Naira ($100,000; Shs 360 million) was missing from her accounts.

Reportedly, the woman, who worked in the central city of Makurdi, tried to accuse her house help of being involved in the money’s disappearance.

Officials from Nigeria’s examination body, the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB), were not impressed and suspended the member of staff.

Dr Fabian Benjamin, head of press for JAMB, confirmed the incident to the BBC.

He said the body - responsible for organising admission exams into universities - is ignoring the incredible claim, adding disciplinary proceedings have been launched, according to the BBC.

The story will be familiar to Ugandans. In June 2015, after failing to account for Shs 900 million, the Chief Administrative Officer for Abim, Moses Kaziba Nandhala, told MPs that termites had chewed the receipts.


+1 #1 Lysol 2018-02-13 22:29
The Uganda taxpayers money has always been "swallowed by snakes". There are everywhere and they are running the country.
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