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Kirumira protests bail conditions, demands to be rearrested

Chaos ensued at the Police Disciplinary Court in Naguru where former Buyende district police commander Mohammad Kirumira appeared this afternoon for a ruling on his bail application. 

Kirumira reportedly jumped out of the dock and asked security operatives to take him back to Nalufenya detention facility in protest of the stringent conditions set for him by the Disciplinary court chaired by Denis Odongpiny.
Muhammad Kirumira being rearrested. Photo: @jumahomollo 
The conditions included reporting to Police Standing Unit (PSU) commander every working day at 9am, not speaking to the media on any matter relating to the police force and to avoid interacting with witnesses directly or through his family and any other sympathizer.
He was also required to present sureties that are more senior to him in rank. Kirumira is at the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police. 

But Kirumira protested the conditions saying there is no way he could present a surety more senior than him after spending two weeks incommunicado. Shouting on top of his voice, Kirumira said that the conditions were only intended to keep him in detention. The tantrum triggered a scuffle in court. 
"You can take me back...take me back [to Nalufenya]...You cannot intimidate me," Kirumira shouted as he jumped out of the dock. 
Kirumira was moments later re-arrested and whisked away in a police van. Odongpiny advised him to appeal if he was not satisfied with the ruling. He ruled that Kirumira is further remanded until he meets the conditions set by the unit.
Meanwhile, the relatives of Kirumira who gathered at court observed that Kirumira did not have a choice. Kirumira is facing charges of extortion, corruption, bribery, unlawful arrest and excessive use of authority.
He also faces charges of neglect of duty contrary of Section 44(1) Code 19, corruption practices contrary to Section 44(1) Code 23(a) and discreditable or irregular conduct contrary to Section 44(1) Code 12 of the Police Act.

The cases of extortion preferred against Kirumira have been under investigations by the Professional Standards Unit for years.


-1 #1 kabayekka 2018-02-13 19:03
Telling you about democrayy in Ugandda
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0 #2 rubangakene 2018-02-13 23:34
You were swimmingly minting money while "sleeping comfortably on the inside curve of the police spoon."

You see, your hand was deep in the corruption pot with your sleeves rolled up. Now that you feel things haven't been going your way, you wanted to opt out.

Let me assure you that with the 'so called OMERTA' you can't simply jump and leave. You are in deep turd, mate; so suffer the consequences of your own actions and reflect on why you joined the police force in the first place!
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0 #3 Juma Kato 2018-02-14 13:59
Poor Odongpiny is allocated with the dirty job of burying Kirumira .
The real "assasins" were nowhere to be seen.

I couldn`t help laughing as I watched Odongpiny struggle to keep calm while Kurumira went local.

I also noticed that baby-face attractive Police Officer who was sitting quietly by Odongpiny`s side.

Does anybody know who she is ?
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