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Aviation in trouble over US commando arrested with weapons

Police has instituted investigations into the operations of Immigration and Aviation police that could have facilitated the entry into Uganda of an American national who was arrested with uniforms, weapons and ammunition belonging to the United States army.

57-year-old Paul Mathias Rogers was arrested over the weekend from his home in Bwebajja, along Entebbe road following a tip-off from his estranged wife Lillian Kaitesi.
Paul Rogers (in co-driver seat) after being arrested
In a video posted on social media, a seemingly traumatised Kaitesi accuses Rogers of torture, threatening her with murder after she reportedly refused to sign papers for him to get Ugandan citizenship.
She also revealed that her "extremely violent" husband forced her to abort five times by making her drink his urine and that he also possess an assortment of weapons at his home. 

A subsequent search uncovered a number of US army uniforms, guns, knives, ammunition, and pepper spray among other military stores. He was later taken to the dreaded Nalufenya police detention facility for interrogation on charges of weapons trafficking, terrorism and illegal possession weapons.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the weapons and other military equipment despite not being cleared to enter the country, passed through Entebbe airport.

Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima says whoever in Immigration and Aviation Police failed to detect or allowed these weapons to enter the country will have to answer. 
"For every property cleared, there are documentations and there is a well-laid down procedure. So whoever cleared and did not follow the procedure may have to answer questions why or why not. And that is how far we can really go. I think there is so much to look at, I don’t want to draw conclusions…because we’re looking at so many things - international law, the law here, the practice", said Kayima.

While investigations into the illegal possession of military equipment are ongoing, police detectives have concluded the case file of alleged torture and mistreatment of the wife. The file which is based on a complaint filed early last week has been sent to the Entebbe resident state attorney for sanctioning.
Some of the weapons reportedly recovered from Rogers home following a police search
This is not the first time Rogers is in trouble with the law in Uganda. In March 2017, Aviation Police and Immigration officers at Entebbe airport arrested him and confiscated a rifle which he is alleged to have brought into the country illegally.
At the time, Entebbe resident state attorney advised police to keep custody of the gun but release the suspect since he had yet to commit any crime at the time of arrest. For a person to bring a gun into Uganda, they must be licensed both to import and be in possession of the firearm. Rogers is also being investigated by Immigration for being in possession of an expired passport. 
According to Kaitesi, Rogers is always boastful of having enough connections in the police and army and enough money to bribe his way out of trouble. 


+2 #1 WADADA rogers 2018-02-13 08:30
There is nothing like security at entebbe airport especially for passengers arriving in the night, i have personally traveled out of this country through entebbe but there was nobody to give me an exit stamp, they only got to realize their mistake when i came back and they attempted to arrest me but i lost my head, threatened to expose them for negligence and they chickened out.

They instead begged me to be quiet. I could not believe this was an international airport. Be that as it may, i think anybody can cross into this country with anything, all that one needs is to have money.

Why do you think all Nigerians used Entebbe to exit drugs, simple, the system is rotten
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+3 #2 WADADA rogers 2018-02-13 08:32
Besides, these fellows with less melanin in their skins are given unnecessary attention by Africans especially Ugandans.

Even when they go deep into the villages, they are practically worshiped.
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+2 #3 Badang 2018-02-13 09:39
One time i flew from South Sudan to Arua Airstrip on an ordinarily international flight.

Anyone who has flown through South Sudan Airports know there is virtually no airport security to talk about.

Most big shorts in that lawless country refuse to be checked and there is nothing airport security can apart from looking on.

Due to this, many South Sudanese fly into this particular airport (Arua) with loaded AK47 and many other illegal material. Worse still, there is nothing like security screening at Arua Airstrip for passengers arriving from South Sudan!

That takes me back to this Mark man. How did he fly from the U.S with military material?
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+3 #4 Empayippayi 2018-02-13 13:37
Quoting WADADA rogers:
Besides, these fellows with less melanin in their skins are given unnecessary attention by Africans especially Ugandans.

Even when they go deep into the villages, they are practically worshiped.

Look how he is being transported in the police truck.

If he were Ugandan, he would have been made to lie under the seat at the back of the truck.
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+1 #5 rubangakene 2018-02-13 23:47
It beggars belief that we do not know which foreigners are in Uganda legally.

The rumour is that many Americans who deserted Iraq and Afghanistan wars are freely roaming our streets, some are indeed employed as "consultants" with private security organisations owned by powerful Ugandans.

This is unbelievable; sort this mess out before we witness some spectacular breach of the peace!
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