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Kaberamaido prison boss sent on forced leave

The head of Kaberamaido government prison ASP Lilly Aketch has been sent on forced leave, following an accident that claimed the lives of four inmates.

Four inmates lost their lives in the accident that occurred along Kaberamaido-Soroti road on Wednesday morning when a tipper lorry registration number UAD 017L lost control, hit a pavement and overturned at Lwala village, Kaberamaido sub-county. 39 others sustained serious injuries.

An inmate and a prison warder who were injured at Soroti hospital

As a result, Aketch was sent on forced leave on the orders of the commissioner general of Uganda Prison Service, Dr John Byabasaija. In his directive, Dr Byabasaija ordered Aketch to stay out of office pending investigations into the cause of the accident.

He faulted Aketch for transporting inmates on a dangerous mechanical conditioned tipper lorry. He added that Prison Service guidelines prohibit the transportation of inmates on trucks while traveling for private activities outside the institution.

Since Wednesday, ASP Aketch has not been seen within the prison facility and an officer only identified as Mucunguzi from Lira Central prison to act as the new Officer In charge of Kaberamaido prison.

Samuel Edotu, Teso regional prison commander confirmed the directive saying investigations are already underway.

The body of the four inmates including Peter Ebau, 19 a resident of Ochero sub-county, Ivan Elastic, 21 a resident of Kaberamaido sub-county, Emmanuel Etunyu, 18, and a resident of Bululu sub-county are still at Kaberamaido Health Centre IV mortuary.


+1 #1 Paul Friday 2018-02-08 16:13
There is need to respect lives including Prisoners, may d souls of d rescue RIP

Qk recovry to d still nursing injuries rest.
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+1 #2 mungu 2018-02-08 22:02
very sad but each time something like this happens a name pops up indicating the one of the angels from the West has been assigned to clean the mess.

this has to stop. this country was well managed long before these angels forced their way to the presidency of this territory whose name I don't remember.
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0 #3 WADADA rogers 2018-02-09 08:50
When courts send somebody to prison, they give an opportunity to the heads of those prisons to get free labour, the prisoners are made to work from morning to evening none stop and those who cant respect the orders are flogged
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0 #4 Zaitun 2018-02-09 10:35
It is sad that Ugandans continue dying like flies everyday under very odd circumstances.

May those who lost their lives rest in peace. I will adhere to the CG's words only after he tells Ugandans that every Prison in the country has a bus to facilitate transportation of prison officers and prisoners to wherever they are going.

Secondly, what kind of private activities do the prisoners do out side the institution? It seems prisoners have become money generating slaves to these officers. Sorry to say but this is modern Uganda under a group of ethnically distinguished authority.
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