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Case hospital to refund Shs 29m to Mowzey Radio’s family

Case hospital is to refund Shs 29 million meant to pay for treatment of fallen music icon Mowzey Radio who died on February 1.

Also known as Moses Ssekibogo, the popular artiste was admitted at Case hospital on the night of January 22 after he sustained head injuries reportedly following a bar brawl.

Case hospital is set to refund Shs 29 million to Mowzey Radio's family
The incident reportedly happened at De Bar, a popular hangout place in Entebbe, from where Radio was allegedly beaten and pushed to the ground by Godfrey Wamala alias Troy, an employee of the place. The artiste became unconscious and was rushed to Nsambya hospital before he was moved to Case hospital where he breathed his last.

Wamala was yesterday, Wednesday, remanded to Kigo prison on charges of murder. According to Balaam Barugahara, a music promoter of Goodlyfe Crew, they had projected that Radio would spend a long time Case hospital since he was in the intensive care unit (ICU), and therefore a total of Shs 55 million had been paid.

Days after his death, however, the health facility has decided to refund Shs 29 million saying it was unspent. Barugahara told URN that Case hospital had used Shs 26 million for operational costs for the time that the deceased spent in the hospital, and the balance is what they refunded.
The medical bills were paid for by President Museveni who contributed Shs 30 million while city socialite Bryan White gave Shs 25 million. Barugahara says the money will be given to Radio's family to support them.
So far evidence on the police file shows that Radio opened a bottle of Black Label whisky and poured it on revellers prompting the management of De Bar led by George Egesa to order the bouncers to eject the artiste. Wamala reportedly attacked and assaulted Mowzey as he was being led out of the club.

In the Goodlyfe Crew, Radio partnered with Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel whose own brother Emmanuel Mayanja alias AK 47 died in similar circumstances on March 16, 2015.   

Radio and Weasel, as the duo were known to their fans, first came to public notice as back up musicians for Weasel's elder brother Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone. The musicians broke away in 2007 to sing independently. 

As the Goodlyfe Crew, the singers released a string of hit songs that included Bread & Butter, Nakudata, Ability, Kuku, Nyumbani, Ngenda Mumaaso, and Sitani. The duo had recently celebrated ten years of their music partnership.


+1 #1 kelem 2018-02-08 09:36
"Radio opened a bottle of Black Label whisky and poured it on revellers prompting the management of De Bar led by George Egesa to order the bouncers to eject the artiste." ohhhhh feeling high and mighty huh !!!
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+4 #2 Ugthinker 2018-02-08 11:17
Is this a case clinic policy? Do they normally refund payments for patients who don’t make it out of their facilities?

Any otherwise can be seen as a populist stint! There’s a growing media obsession in Uganda, which is taking a worrying trend.

In pursuit of media attention unethical behaviour has also manifested! Where doctors disregard patients privacy and divulge detailed explanations of their ailments.

Where are the regulators??? This is not only in the Medical, the police has on many occasions made the same mistake, schools etc. Why is everyone in a rush to address the media in Uganda?
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+2 #3 Betty Nalubega 2018-02-08 14:22
I totally agree with Ugthinker .
I see no reason why a hospital should have to go public on how it has spend their patients money let alone make refunds.

The whole thing leaves the impression that Case Hospital feels the pressure after having been accused of botching the operation.

What will happen to the next patient who dies in the same or any other hospital ?
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+3 #4 Odongkara 2018-02-08 14:38
Quoting kelem:
"Radio opened a bottle of Black Label whisky and poured it on revellers prompting the management of De Bar led by George Egesa to order the bouncers to eject the artiste." ohhhhh feeling high and mighty huh !!!

I agree with your opinion but we need to further ask: if the so called "suspect" was called in to quell a brawl in the bar, why is he being accused of the offence of murder?

What are guards given guns for? What is the work of a bouncer in relation to security and maintaining order? He starts a brawl will face the consequence.
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+5 #5 kabayekka 2018-02-08 17:06
Of the 55 million Ug shillings the 30 million shillings paid by President 7 is it a government medical health grant that is given to VIP of Uganda?
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+1 #6 shopi 2018-02-09 22:17
Case hospital should also be ininvestigated for failing to save the life of mozey Radio.

True he may have sustained head injuries from the bar but also a facility that had a patient for eight days may have
caused his death
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-1 #7 WADADA rogers 2018-02-11 15:06
For the sake of debate, what are the chances that some of these hospitals admit dead patients and even put them on oxygen as a way of extorting money from the family.
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0 #8 WADADA rogers 2018-02-11 15:07
There is also something that many of us have over looked, isnt there any organised hospital along entebbe road to warrant driving an injured patient all the way to case.

I have personally seen a private hospital near Kisubi and from the buildings, am forced to believer it is an organised one
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