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Police deny freeing ex-informer 'Sobi'

Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura, has said self-confessed criminal suspect Paddy Sserunjoji alias Sobi is being held by the Internal Security Organisation (ISO), denying earlier reports that the former police informer was released yesterday a few hours after his transfer from Nsangi police in Wakiso to Nalufenya detention centre in Jinja for interrogation.

Kayihura told journalists at Parliament today that Sserunjoji and his two alleged accomplices, Shafiq Kisozi and Tim Twaha, were not freed but were in the custody of the Internal Security Organisation, a sister security organization.

Police picked up the trio from Rose Garden Hotel in Nsangi early this week in relation to their confession in the media that they were behind numerous murders and robberies in Kampala.

Kayihura says handing over the suspects to ISO is normal procedure, since ISO deals with intelligence and Police works on investigations.

“We didn’t release him. He still has files with us but there is a sister security agency that has issues to either question him [about] or work with him and that is how we work,” Kayihura said.

“Perhaps they want to interrogate him or work with him, it might be an intelligence operation and they requested us [for him]and we handed him over.” Kayihura added.

He however wondered why the public continues to believe anything said by such “criminals” who he said have no credibility.

“Evidence, most of the time, depends on credibility of somebody giving the evidence, why do you give credibility to criminals? Their submissions shouldn’t be taken as the gospel truth but this should however be investigated.” he said, stressing that Police has not just unconditionally released the suspects.

Sserunjoji reportedly stopped working with police three months ago and joined the Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

He had worked with police since 2016 following his release from Luzira prison where he had spent four years on charges of aggravated robbery and murder.

He is alleged to lead several criminal gangs in and around Kampala.



0 #1 Eddie motema 2018-01-18 04:05
Seems like there's a tug of war between police & iso agencies, not long ago these two organizations almost came to a bloody brawl over late kaweesi's female confidant

until mr. Museveni sent in his sfc boys. Now it's afight over self-confessed criminal "Sobe".

One wonders how safe as citizens we are if enforcers of laws are fighting among each other, protecting criminals or asking citizens to pay money to guarantee their security as it's been reported in the masaka areas
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0 #2 kelem 2018-01-18 09:31
ahhhh Kale is trying to preemptively discredit the criminals who might implicate him !!!!!
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+1 #3 Ugthinker 2018-01-18 10:28
“He however wondered why the public continues to believe anything said by such “criminals” who he said have no credibility”

That’s exactly My point. Why do Ugandans continue believing what Kaihura or Museveni say? There record isn’t different from Sobi’s!
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