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Doctor arrested over theft of govt drugs, equipment

Dr Bedah Ssenkwale, a surgeon at Itojo district hospital is in trouble for alleged theft of government drugs and health equipment.
He was picked up by the State House Health Monitoring Unit team led by Dr Julian Nabatanzi from his privately owned Family Doctor's clinic in Ntungamo along Ntungamo-Kabale road.
Dr Nabatanzi says they made an impromptu visit to Family Doctors' clinic following a tip off by residents. She says they were shocked to find government drugs and government equipment in the clinic including gloves.

Dr Ssenkwale allegedly stole medical equipment from Itojo hospital

According to Nabatanzi, despite his clinic offering caesarean services, the monitoring unit found that none of Ssenkwale's staff are qualified. It is also alleged that Ssenkwale uses government equipment at Itojo hospital  to operate on expectant mothers on a 'private arrangement'.
Nabatanzi ordered for the temporary closure of the clinic as investigations continue.

Ssenkwale declined to speak to the media. Geoffrey Osinya, a detective attached to the State House Health Monitoring Unit, said Dr Ssenkwale will be arraigned in court to answer charges of possession of government stores and embezzlement.

Ssenkwale's arrest comes at a time doctors are pushing government to disband the State House Health Monitoring Unit, saying it undermines their profession. They want cases of professional misconduct referred to their professional bodies for redress.


0 #1 Mubiru 2017-11-20 18:13
This doctor is possibly among those on strike. Govt.lacks facilities mainly due to many of the medical staff who are thieves.

I repeat that if these striking doctors were not selfish. they should go on strike for lack of medicine and equipment in all hospitals which result in the death of poor Ugandans with no funds for overseas treatment.

Of course they would not strike knowing very well that it is they who have "cleaned" the hospitals etc bare by stealing what they can get hold of and put them in their private clinics where they charge unfortunate and unconnected Ugandans thousands for a few mere tablets of panadol etc. You hypocrites go back to work.
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0 #2 magotfuli 2017-11-20 19:01
This is just an attempt to vilify doctors.

You know the poor and unsatisfied work environment that you provide for these professionals.

Before you go checking on the rot in the government health facilities, check your own graft and greed. Give the doctors their raise and stop politicking.
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