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ZANU-PF dismisses Mugabe as party leader

Party leaders have also expelled Mugabe's wife, Grace, leader of the ZANU-PF Women's League, from membership in the ruling party.

Days numbered: Robert Mugabe is still president of Zimbabwe but only for a short while

If Mugabe does not willingly step down from the presidency, impeachment is a possibility, the opposition's parliamentary chief whip Innocent Gonese told the Associated Press. The MDC-T leader said MDC-T and ZANU-PF had been in discussions to act jointly.

"If Mugabe is not gone by Tuesday, then as sure as the sun rises from the east, impeachment process will kick in," Gonese said.

On Saturday, thousands of exuberant Zimbabwean demonstrators flooded the streets of Harare, some of whom marched toward the official residence of Mugabe amid nationwide protests calling for the his resignation.

The protesters — some carrying signs that said, "Mugabe must go!" and "Not coup but cool" — came within 200 meters of the gates to the complex and staged a sit-down protest after being halted by national troops.

The State House is where Mugabe is under official house arrest and where negotiations for Mugabe's departure have taken place.

"This is not fair. Why are soldiers preventing us to march to the State House," said 26-year-old Rutendo Maisiri. "It is wrong. We will stay put."

Mugabe's nephew, Patrick Zhuwao, told Reuters Saturday his uncle and his uncle's wife were "ready to die for what is correct." Speaking from an undisclosed location in South Africa, Zhuwao said Mugabe had no plans to resign in order to validate what he described as a coup.

Zhuwao said his 93-year-old uncle's health was "good," although he has gotten little sleep since the military seized control on Wednesday.

The military has stopped such demonstrations in the capital in the past, but is now supporting the protests, directing demonstrators to the Zimbabwe Grounds where speeches were made by activists, politicians, and former freedom fighters calling for the president to resign.

The Zimbabwe Grounds is a symbolic location. It is where Zimbabweans welcomed Mugabe's return from exile in 1980 after the liberation war from white minority rule.

Demands intensify

Members of opposition groups are expressing frustration with the pace of negotiations over Mugabe’s political future.

Christopher Mutsvangwa, chairperson of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association, told journalists that the protests are designed to push the president out of office.

Former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai, who leads the Movement for Democratic Change party, joined the calls for Mugabe to resign.

“Mr. Robert Mugabe must resign, step down immediately in line with the national sentiment and expectation, taking full regard of his legacy and contribution to Zimbabwe, pre and post Zimbabwe,” said Tsvangirai, who returned to the country last week from South Africa, where he is being treated for cancer.

Mugabe hanging on

There has been no indication Mugabe will voluntarily give up power. Nick Mangwana, who is the Britain-based representative of ZANU-PF, told VOA that, "President Mugabe remains President Mugabe as of now.”

Mugabe is the only leader the nation has known since Zimbabwe won independence in 1980, and has turned back many previous challenges to his rule, often using the army, police and physical violence from supporters to intimidate opponents.

His hold appeared strong even as Zimbabwe’s economy, which has struggled for years, suffered a new downturn over the past 12 months. Last December, the ruling ZANU-PF party nominated him as its presidential candidate for the 2018 elections.

The turning point was the firing of Mnangagwa, 75, a liberation war hero who maintains strong support among veterans.


+1 #1 Akot 2017-11-19 17:03
Thank you Zimbabwe army!
Thank you ZANU-PF!
Thank yout ZANU-PF youths!
Thank you Zimbabwe opposition!

Only Unity for common purpose can give a start to a people to & now is time for ALL Zimbabweans to join hands to make sure the replacement of Mugabe does what is needed for the country to go to the next step!

Zimbabweans, black, white, mixed colour... MUST maintain the calm so that there is the beginning all longed for & it's Together as 1 people-1 nation that any tangible result can be achieved for the good of children/the future!

Just like UK Labour Party made sure T.Blaire stands down after be became power hungry or be forced out of the party, Zimbabweans have shown this can be done in Africa too!

Zimbabweans United to have a start with Mugabe in 1980, but he came for himself/family & treated blacks & whites... who opposed his destruction of the country as enemies!
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+1 #2 magotfuli 2017-11-19 17:24
The old man undid the good he had done.

Leaders of Uganda we urge you to open your eyes and unclog your ears. Mr. Mugabe was popular among his party Zanu just last week and today he is being disowned.

Be watchful of the Balyeku's, Anite, Tumwebaze's, Abiriga, magyezis and the list goes on.

The power ultimately belongs to the majority which is Uganda. When these dictators fall they expose just how weak and human they are.
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+1 #3 Edward mukyanda 2017-11-19 17:29
A wake up call for Ugandan tyrants that U can fool all the people for some time, some people for all the time, but NEVER, I repeat NEVER, can one fool all the people for all the time.
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0 #4 miki 2017-11-19 20:08
Zimbabwe's problem is no longer Mugabe but Mugabeism and all it represents - gross corruption, cronyism, nepotism, intolerance and disappearance of opponents, repression, lawlessness and hijacking of the state's resources by a few at the expense of the majority.

This is what needs to end so as for Zambia to get a real new start. This point seems to be lost.

What is happening in Zimbabwe is an internal power struggle within ZANU-PF the party that has misruled Zimbabwe for the last 37years!

The army, itself an extension of ZANU PF, is intervening not as a neutral national force.

It intervened just because its preferred person to take over the stained reigns of Zanu-pf had been pushed out. Now this must be scary for Zimbabweans.
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+2 #5 miki 2017-11-19 20:33
The failure of African intellectuals and commentators to put in true perspective what is happening in Zimbabwe is un-nerving.

The Zimbabwe army has been central to Mugabe's long oppressive rule. So is Mr. Munangagwa the man preferred by the army as Mugabe's successor.

As the ruthless security minister in Mugabe's court, he was the architect of ZANU-PF/Mugabe's misrule and thuggery. He is a himself.

Only difference with Mugabe is that he is less old. And he is now presented as the new face of Zimbabwe's future? What a bad joke! The more things seem to change in Africa, the more they stay the same.
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0 #6 phalanch 2017-11-19 20:47
Clearly this shows that dictators are false evidence appearing to be real in shadows of those behind them them and once that rented support is withdrawn they come down crumbling like they never had a single bone in him .

Uganda is watching and taking notices, those that torments the people . All Powers are in the hands of the citizens and all it takes is one well place mistake by the dictatot and he is history .

Every dog has it's own day.
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0 #7 miki 2017-11-19 21:01
The Zimbabwe army intervened as a ZANU-PF organ and apparatus, in a ZANU-PF internal struggle and has a preferred individual that should take over the reigns of party to continue with Mugabeism even when Mugabe is no longer in the picture.

Mnangagwaism is Mugabeism part 2 and it may be even worse given the already ongoing purges of Mugabe loyalists by the army.

That is where Zimbabwe is headed, and that is where Zimbabwe should not go. It is also notable that little if ever has been mentioned about a new national beginning say with a government of national unity, and involving all Zimbabweans.

ZANU-PF itself needs to go. The army and all security organs plus the civil service need to be re-oriented from being extensions of ZANU -PF or any ruling party, to becoming true organs of state.
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0 #8 miki 2017-11-19 22:16
If you are stranded on an island you cant be rescued by a crocodile. That is where Zimbabeans find themselves today.

Mr. Mnangagwa the man the army is fronting to take over from Robert Mugabe is also known as the 'The crocodile'.

And it is not because of his swimming antics. The moniker was earned by Mnangagwa who as Zimbabwe intelligence head and later as security minister killed off, and brutalized President Mugabe's enemies with crocodile cold blood and efficiency.

He was one of the architects of Mugabeism/Munangagwaism - rule by corruption, nepotism, extermination of political opponents, politicizing of all state institutions to sustain rule of one man one party. Mnangagwa will certainly continue the

Mugabeism/Mnangagwaism. The army top brass have been beneficiaries. The old hare (Mugabe) is being replaced with the crocodile. For Zimbabweans, this may end up as a condemnation to die by a thousand crocodile bites.
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