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Kayihura drops Kasingye as police spokesperson

Asan Kasingye has been dropped as police spokesperson by the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura in the latest reshuffle announced today morning.

Kasingye has been replaced by SSP Emilian Kayima who was the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson.

Kasingye was appointed police spokesperson in March this year after, the then police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi got gunned down near his home in Kulambiro.

Asan Kasingye

One of the shortest serving police spokespersons, Kasingye, often contradicted himself and his superiors on a number of issues.

Just this week, Kasingye contradicted his earlier statement that had rubbished a New Vision story that reported that US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had joined investigations into the serial murders of women in Wakiso district.

He has also had to deal with the negative publicity and what looks like a turf war between security agencies within police, army and intelligence.

In his communication, Kayihura said he was delinking, the office of police spokesperson from the political commissariat because the biggest challenge facing police now is dominant negative attitude and values which can only be sustainable cured through political education. 

Kasingye said is now going to "concentrate on commissariat work."


+3 #1 wazza 2017-11-14 15:58
The ship is sinking. Thank you lord.

No amount of changes can redeem the image of the police. It is rotten, criminal and unprofessional.

Take it or leave it. and what Ugandans are waiting for is the downfall of KK. The country will celebrate
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+2 #2 Stewart 2017-11-14 16:05
He can as well change them everyday, they are his Shamab Boys.
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+4 #3 magotfuli 2017-11-14 16:43
Emilian seems a better pick because he seems more humble and also exhibits some sympathy.

Too bad he has to work for the dark side. Kasingye was too emotional and an undercover arrogant.
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+1 #4 Wooden K. 2017-11-14 17:39
Agandi Kasigye !
Good bye . I did not think you were a good spokesman. You always seemed to be a day behind every event. Go and find something else you may be good at.

Hello Mukulu Kayima !

I know that you are a man from Kyamaganda in Masaka . But I don`t know if this is good place for you . Unlike Gashumba ,I know you to be an honest and polite x-seminarian .

How is it going to be easy for you to lie beats me. I have noticed how uneasy you look on TV whenever you are put on the spot to explain things that do not make any sense.

Mama prays for you so that you do not allow things to go into your head.

Good luck !
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+2 #5 Ugthinker 2017-11-14 17:46
Spokesmen can be changed over and over again, but UGANDA POLICE can never be respected with a criminal police boss! Simple and square.

What could Kasingye have done when he had to speak against the truth all the time???

Good luck Katina but all the same, what Ugandans need is a law abiding INSPECTIR GENERAL OF POLICE, period.
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+1 #6 H. Akot 2017-11-14 18:40
wazza, understood, but,

KK will never fall unless Ugadans Unite & bring down museveni & the entire system!

Without Unity for common purpose with just 1 opposition leader, tribal leaders-elites-civil servants will just going along with museveni!

Where in the world besides Uganda, do you hear of police-army bosses being the ones to make policies/control & not parliament?

We can't replace museveni with on one, more so even tribal leaders need museveni for their living allowances & are unconcerned about welfare of their subjects!

Without museveni, who will rule a people without National leadership & the former asylum seeker is the only candidate accepted by Ugandans for that post?

Ugandans are allergic to Unity, so museveni will get his way & own the country in the end, it's just a matter of time & how he plays now!
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0 #7 H. Akot 2017-11-14 18:41
Stewart, agreed!

After all, the country belongs to museveni & these dogs are making sure things continue the way the boss wants!

Unless Ugandans Unite & stop them, of course!
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0 #8 H. Akot 2017-11-14 18:52
magotfuli, agreeed, yet,

How can we blame those making their place in musveni Uganda as there is no opposition leadership & Ugandeans seel alright with status quo!

No one can force Ugandans to throw museveni out, just as no one forced them to bring the demon in, right?

So, the world will go by Ugandans' choice of leader, but in silence this time, not as noisily as it did when museveni was welcomed in 1986!

Developed world that helped museveni consolidate himself financially-through news-on International ground... have renewed/replaced leaders at least 5 times, but museveni, after 30 years, is seeking another 30!

Even UN has seen 3 bosses, yet this body also worships museveni!

It's up to Ugandans to bring change & this can only be through UNITY, or never will Ugandans be free ever!

But whatever happens in the country, is live show for the silent-unconcerned outside world!
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0 #9 gwok 2017-11-15 01:35
Quoting Stewart:
He can as well change them everyday, they are his Shamab Boys.

It is a chess-board game, my Dear. Key payers have to be at the right sports.

The end game is not yet defined and self-appointment to state house is not exempted from it.

[We may assume that Mr. Kaweesi was an unmoveable piece on that board and was blocking someone's best moves, therefore, had to be permanently removed from the chess board].
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0 #10 Lakwena 2017-11-15 07:47
In other words, for anything better for the police and the country, we need a brand new government; not this rotten one.

Otherwise, at this rate who wants to become a Police Spokesperson?

The turnover of the Police Spokesperson is too high, much as it is dehumanizing and soul wrecking: to cover up horrendous police crime and the regime's dirt.
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