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Medical interns withdraw emergency services

Woman giving birth from a bush in Kamuli

The medical interns have announced total withdrawal of all medical services including emergency services citing intimidation from government officials.

When the doctors laid down their tools last week on Monday, the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) announced that the doctors would maintain skeleton staff to attend to emergency services cases and pregnant women. 

However, today the interns announced that starting today at 12am, they would withdraw all labour in public hospitals, because according to them they can’t continue working under intimidation from government officials including Resident District Commissioners (RDCs).

The RDCs were recently ordered by President Museveni to write weekly monitoring reports about the state of hospitals, availability of doctors and medicines. 

The medics are protesting low pay and poor working conditions. There are about 1,000 medical interns currently working in public hospitals.

The intern doctors say they have been working without the basic medical supplies such as gloves, sutures sometimes asking patients to buy them.

In a Thursday night press conference, minister of health, Jane Ruth Aceng ordered the doctors and “misled” intern doctors to return to work immediately or face the consequences.


+3 #11 H. Akot 2017-11-13 20:28
magotfuli, agreed!

The destroyer of Uganda is museveni & we MUST stop helping him consolidate his evil hold! Without sacrifice, museveni will continue taking advantage & just go on & will even own our country without us being aware of it!

Unity is needed NOW so that no other child is born in this condition in a country that should be his/hers!

What if ALL tax payers join medical personnel in this struggle for respect-decency-belonging to a country & museveni is thrown out once & for good?

Is Unity to get chance to Reform the Republic or go for Independent Tribal States more dangerous than going along with museveni for another 30 years?

There will never be the next step for Ugandans without Unity to throw museveni out first!
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-3 #12 Lysol 2017-11-13 23:00
Medicine is a higher calling and a blessing from God and not just a mere profession .

Even though it's always customary to pay for the services provided in appreciations, without any demands or blackmails.

Don't go to medicine if you're looking to get rich or famous. That is why people like one Ndugu and Besigye and many others go to politics instead, because it was not their callings at the beginning.

The issue here is that the regime tends to favor those who would keep it's in power for ever, more than looking after the welfares of the ordinary civil servants, like doctors, teachers etc. Not to mention the infrastructures. Typically of poor plannings and priorities of this regime.
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-1 #13 WADADA rogers 2017-11-14 08:35
This is what i have always commented about, the media can really mislead the public, is this incident in the bush or behind a house.

It is common for women in the village to give birth outside the house for cultural reasons.

Even if Doctors were not on strike, these ladies are bold enough to give birth under the care of traditional birth attendants.

The question for my concern would be where the husband is. It is common for men to be involved during intercourse but never there when giving birth
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0 #14 Lakwena 2017-11-14 08:58
In other words, let the people who are hell-bent on keeping Mr. M7 in power, like Dr. Chris Baryamunsi go to Kamuli and deliver roadside babies (Oyo).
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-1 #15 Tim 2017-11-14 14:02
Editor of Observer. Whereas the story but is it fine but Is this really appropriate to publish or illustrate your point?

Isn't it being insensitive to the privacy of the individual?
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+1 #16 rubangakene 2017-11-14 18:05
Tim, that is what newspapers (media) do.

They report on wars, earthquakes and other events (truth) as they happen without prejudice or fear ad prejudice.

Take for instance the famine in Ethiopia, it was the hard work of reporters that brought the world to their collective senses to act otherwise more would have perished.

If atrocities of wars in Yugoslavia wasn't reported per se, what would world have known?
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0 #17 H. Akot 2017-11-14 19:29
Lakwena, agreed, but,

Don't forget those keeping museveni in power don't have their babies delivered under such conditions & that poverty is affecting majority of Ugandans & not the handfull keeping the monster in post!
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0 #18 H. Akot 2017-11-14 19:44
rubangakene, thanks!

Without media letting out such inhumanity, no one would know & non will help!

Have we forgotten when museveni killed-destroyed Acholi in silence?

UN prefered to build refugee camps for Acholi in Uganda quietly & the entire world was unaware of this, yet UNHCR is junded by member states!

UK helped Acholi quietly because no media published what was going on & the entire world went head long helping god museveni!

Where is Uganda today after 30 years of madia reporting how museveni saved Ugandans & made the country prosperous-modern-developed-democratic?

Should media keep such inhumanity out because its indecent/samefull & no one should know happens & victims live miseries in villages far from towns & their situation unknown?

This would be joining UN in helping dictators provide refugees & wars go on!
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