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Kabarole councillor arrested for insulting ministers, Museveni

Police in Fort Portal have arrested Joram Bintamanya, the councillor representing South Division in Fort Portal municipality, for inciting violence.

Bintamanya was arrested on Tuesday afternoon at Summit hotel in Fort Portal town by plain-clothed detectives led by David Tumusiime, the head of electoral and political crimes department at Fort Portal police station.

Rwenzori regional police spokesperson Lydia Tumushabe says that last week, while at a consultative meeting at Buhinga playgrounds and on different radio stations in Fort Portal, Bintamanya uttered abusive words against President Yoweri Museveni.

Joram Bintamanya

Tumushabe also said that at the same rally, Bintamanya incited people of Tooro against some leaders who support the proposed removal of the presidential age limit from the Constitution. She adds that before his arrest, police had been collecting evidence such as recordings.

Tumushabe did not divulge details on the specific statements that were uttered by Bintamanya. 

However, a source at Fort Portal police, who preferred anonymity, told URN that police received complaints from Adolf Mwesige, the minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs and Peace Mutuuzo, the state minister for Culture over insults traded against them by Bintamanya.

The source says that the two ministers also accused Bintamanya of inciting people to attack them and their relatives for blindly supporting the age limit removal. The source further adds that the arrest of Bintamanya follows a security meeting chaired by Kabarole resident district commissioner Stephen Asiimwe this morning. The source says that the utterances by Bintamanya were discussed in the meeting.

In one of the recordings circulating on social media, Bintamanya says Museveni's ministers act as if they "do not reason" and lack "substance" by blindly supporting lifting of the age limit to allow Museveni to seek for another term.

He said only "fools" can serve in Museveni's government. He added that Museveni's ministers have not brought any value to the country but instead enjoy the perks that come with being a minister. He said Mutuuzo brought a passion fruits project to her area instead of industries that would employ the many jobless youths.

"Museveni can tell them to sleep in a latrine and they will blindly do so", he said. 

He said as a retirement package, Museveni should be given a Shs 1 billion moving toilet, with several ambulances and doctors to look after him because 35 years in power is more than enough.

He said Museveni "should have mercy" and leave power when his term ends in 2021.


+5 #1 Akot 2017-11-07 20:49
The only person who insults in Uganda is museveni: dictatorship-bad rule are the worst insults a people can ever be subjected to!

It's time Ugandans UNITE & throw museveni out & stop him violating thier rights to live freely as humans in their country!

For how much longer will Ugandans watch museveni eliminate-harasse-lock out... people 1 by 1 then end up being in full control & turn the country into his own?

Where are those who United to bring in museveni in 1986 & do they still want/need him?

Why not Reunite against him before he gets control of the entire zone?

Museveni will crush any individual-tribal challenge to his rule while the rest just watch in silent fear, waiting for their turn!

To whom do tribal lands that form the country belong?
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-1 #2 Twebaze Francis 2017-11-07 20:52
Ugandans have every right to oppose and shout down the lifting of the age limits, but also a duty to carry out that noble duty in a dignified manner.

Let us avoid the abusive language because what each of us believes thinks that it the best fact. If Mr. Bintamanya used the abusive language then that's unfortunate.
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+2 #3 ainembabazi 2017-11-07 21:06
Bintamanya, otabimanya munonga. This regome is allergic to critics, even if it's its own.
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+3 #4 Lysol 2017-11-08 00:43
Museveni has what is known as Retirement Phobia, or fear of retirement.

Many people fear retirement, because it always affects lifestyles. The longer one waits to retire, the harder it becomes, and the worst the fear.

In such a case, the person may need therapy to overcome the fear, that all will be okay after retirement.

It like bargaining with God for more time when one is faced with death. There excuse is that there is still a lot to be done. That is just an illusion. Somethings will always be left undone, in the end.
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