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Wolokoso: Has the past come back to haunt Raphael Magyezi?

When Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi appeared before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee to defend his age limit removal bill, he did not envisage the hostility from a number of opposition MPs.

From the word go, his attempts to present justification of the bill were thwarted by points of procedure from the MPs.

At one point, some of the MPs including Busiro East MP Medard Sseggona reminded Magyezi of his tenure as deputy chairperson of the Public Service and Local Government committee, where he allegedly doctored a report on the wrangles within Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

This was after they demanded of him to produce evidence that he gazetted his bill and received a genuine certificate of financial implication from the Finance ministry.

“He does not doubt that what he is going to tell us is the truth. His history has been acrimonious. Him being our very own who we have investigated before in matters relating to forgery of a parliamentary record, I think it is necessary that we satisfy ourselves that he is telling us the truth in everything that we are going to ask him,” Sseggona opined, drawing laughter from the committee members and demands that he takes oath.

Magyezi, visibly irritated, demanded the MPs accusing him of forgery to adduce evidence pinning him.

“You actually invited me here to formally present the bill to you. I have taken the trouble to present to you my detailed, written presentation even signed by myself. Uganda’s law presumes you are innocent until you are proven guilty. In this particular matter, I have not done anything wrong to warrant an oath,” he said.

Talk about past ghosts haunting him.

When Kafuuzi became ‘wife’ to Magyezi!

When the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee started its hearing on the age limit bill last week, the anticipation was highly billed.

Indeed, it did not disappoint as from the word go with legislators turning the meeting into a shouting match. One of those exchanges was between Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda (Kira municipality) and Jackson Kafuuzi (Kyaka South), one of the seconders of the bill.

Trouble started when Ssemujju clearly told the committee leadership that he was unbothered by the presence of the mover of the bill, Raphael Magyezi (Igara West) before the committee

“For me, I don’t care whether Magyezi comes with his wife or his son; that is his business,” Ssemujju said, evoking bouts of laughter from other MPs.

His statement, however, infuriated Kafuuzi, who thought Ssemujju was hitting at him and referring to him as Magyezi’s wife.

“I am not Magyezi’s wife and I would hate to be put at that level. We are colleagues and you disagree with my opinion, but I would like you to do so with respect. If you are used to bullying people, I want you to know I am not the type of person you will bully,” a visibly angry Kafuuzi retorted.

Demands by Kafuuzi to the committee chairman, Jacob Oboth-Oboth to have Ssemujju withdraw the statement were evidently futile. It took Oboth’s repeated calls for calm for the meeting to resume.

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