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Ntungamo school suspends 81 students over age limit clashes

A section of the school

Muntuyera high school in Ntungamo district has suspended 81 students following ethnic clashes between senior four and senior five students that pitted Bahima and those of Rwandan origin. 

The school head teacher, Stephen Atuhaire, says the clashes originated from discussions on the proposed amendment of the presidential age limit. He says the discussions that started on Friday last week split the students into two rival groups.

One of the groups argued in favour of the proposal while the other opposed the move. According to Atuhaire, on Tuesday night senior four students assaulted their senior five colleagues leading to serious clashes. At least six students were injured in the clashes.

He explains that the senior five students held a meeting outside the school premises and planned a revenge attack but they were stopped by the heavy police deployment in and around the school. 

He says following their aborted move, the students retreated to bars in Rwashameire town council where they planned another attack on their colleagues on Wednesday morning. They also allegedly planned to burn down the school.
Atuhaire, however, says that when the students stormed the dormitories, they found them empty and decided to raid examination rooms but met stiff residents from their senior four colleagues and police.

To stem the tension, the school management decided to suspend the entire senior five class. However, the group was ambushed by their senior four colleagues who were armed with sticks in Rwahsameire town council leading to fresh clashes.
He says the school administration took the decision to send away all senior five students to allow the senior four candidates to complete their examinations in a peaceful environment. 

Atuhaire blames the clashes on indiscipline, saying some students always fear to sit the south Ankole diocese examinations, which are scheduled for next week. He says police have also launched investigations into the clashes, saying the culprits will be brought to book. 

Politics is always part of the student's discussions at Muntuyera high school, which is named after the father of the Forum for Democratic Change party president, Gen Mugisha Muntu, who donated a huge chunk of land to the school.


0 #11 Akot 2017-11-03 16:15
The truth,

This is not about UPC of which Akot is not part, but respect it because Dr Obote was father of our Independence!

Just as Akot respects E.Rugumayo-P.Muwanga-Binaisa for having given us chance after Amin!

Today is question of TOMORROW & this belongs to the young, starting with those at school & this is the beginning that Ugandans should be proud of because our children are waking up to see Rwandese are about to take over the country!

It's time Uganda young get another E. Rugumayo to give chance for real chance & notion of what a NATION-PEOPLE, mean!

This is time for UNITY of Ugandans against their common enemy, more so now Rwandese students have joined museveni in making their stand against Ugandans!
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0 #12 Akot 2017-11-03 16:23
Ugandans need just 1 opposition leader & NOW, if museveni & his people are to be stopped! We must not allow museveni to manipulate his way as he is doing & own our country under our noses, as if we have no brains!

See how, without the right leadership, Madrid is now in control while Catalonians who want Freedom & their own homeland have no leadership anymore & in such anguish!

Ugandans are in the same position with museveni manipulating them at will!

But the country belongs to Ugandans: young-old-sick-rich-poor-educated-illiterate, who alone, have the power, through Unity, to say NO to the desperate conqueror, before it's too late!
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