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Medical team lined up for age limit research

The Uganda Medical Association (UMA), an umbrella body for registered medical practitioners plans to set up a team of personnel to conduct research on whether a person who is 75 years and above has the physical and mental abilities to be president.

The association’s president, Dr Anthony Ekwaro Obuku told the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee today, Wednesday afternoon that the panel of seasoned experts will beef up its research in ascertaining the competences of a 75-year-old, in the wake of strong debate on the unpopular age limit bill.

The Constitution (Amendment) (No 2) bill 2017 is currently being scrutinised by the committee, with the proposal to amend article 102 (b) to remove the presidential age limits of between 35 and 75 years.

Dr Anthony Ekwaro Obuku before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee

Dr Obuku revealed to the legislators that those lined up on the panel include a physiologist to look at the body functions of a 75-year old; a psychiatrist to look at the behavioral and cognition functions; a pychologist; a pathologist; a neurologist to look at the physical state of nerves and the brain; as well as a geriatrician, a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and disability in older adults.

“Due to the importance of this subject to the future of the country, we take cognisance of the robust due process required to come up with concrete findings that will better inform Parliament’s decision,” Dr Obuku explained.

He added that the association has contacted international agencies which conduct systematic reviews to support the initiative.

“This job needs to be thoroughly done. It is a job that has huge implications on the country. We are gong through a thorough process looking at research from all over the world,” he said.

The association requested for between two and four weeks to carry out what they termed as a high profile research and present the findings  thereafter before the committee.

Committee chairperson, Jacob Oboth-Oboth (West Budama South) granted them two weeks to return with their findings. Earlier, the committee met officials from the Uganda Law Reform Commission (ULRC) and Electoral Commission.



+2 #1 saeguya 2017-11-01 20:27
Stop trying to justify. We all know that most of the world has no age limit restrictions especially at the upper end.

It's not about the age of 75, it's about manipulating the constitution every time someone sees an obstacle.

It's about changing the goal posts an the man has ruled for too long and only a few are benefiting to include you who are going to try to hoodwink Ugandans.
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+3 #2 Denis twahika 2017-11-01 20:55
wastage of time and energy
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+2 #3 Denis twahika 2017-11-01 20:58
wastage of time
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+3 #4 Gwok 2017-11-01 21:38
It is true that anybody, in Uganda, whose age is above the average life expectancy of a Ugandan is already living on borrowed time, isn't it?

That proposed research makes no practical sense, a part from being the excuse for milking the country further on the pretext of this bill.

Of course, M7, would support (and order the financing of) such a research on condition that it adds a positive stamp to his wish for life-presidency. Acamics too is cashing in.
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+3 #5 rubangakene 2017-11-01 22:40
What medical research do you need in this case?

Ugandans have decided on a political issue where the incumbent has failed in the last 30 years to deliver the expected outcomes full stop!

If a "KASUKU bird" stops singing and starts abusing the family members, what's the point of keeping it, eh? You get rid of it!

A taxi driver once dropped me off in a Zanzibar market and told me, "If you buy a canary, make sure it can sing and don't forget to check the armpit for signs of ageing!"

He was damned right, because that's what I was offered and turned the seller in the first instance. Buyer Beware!
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+6 #6 Lysol 2017-11-02 00:00
Museveni has already threatened the UMA that he will declare a state of emergency and arrest the doctors who are calling for a pay rise.

Well, one can expect that was a cheap scare tactic to force the UMA to support the controversial age bill; to declare him physically and mentally fit in order to rule for life.

The state of emergency is the last tactic M7 has left should the age limit bill fail.
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0 #7 Jonny 2017-11-02 07:26
Quoting Denis twahika:
wastage of time and energy

Exactly! And wastage of taxpayers money as well!
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0 #8 wazza 2017-11-02 09:33
What kind of rubbish is this? So they have just realized that the research is important.

But surely, who cursed this nation? The most annoying thing is upright thinking people, call a conference and talk rubbish!
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0 #9 Doctordre 2017-11-02 10:56
I feel sorry for UMA. They are victims in the age limit debate. The powers that be will use any means possible to justify the amendments.

If political measures fail (hostile population), coerce doctors into saying a 75 year old can be the CEO of the country.
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+1 #10 dembula 2017-11-02 22:12
For all the advisers that M7 has, I am shocked that no one has told him that he is missing a very salient point.

The issue isn't really his age. Don't get me wrong. The age limit is debate in so far as it was the last defence against M7's continued rule is important.

However the real point is that Uganda is tired of M7. Even the ignorant, the indifferent, the misled etc are now seeing him for what he is.

A lying, conniving, manipulative and brutal man who does not have their individual or the country's interests at heart.

Notice how he has used people when they are useful and then abused them when they cease to be of any use, not to Uganda, but to him personally. KK's current predicament is a current and topical example on point.

It must cause M7 sleepless nights and emotional discomfort to know that people detest him, even the ones he pays to support him. He knows he is nothing without the office of president. He is clearly a person who is not comfortable in his own skin.
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