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UCE exam leakage traced to Iganga district

The recent leakage of Uganda Certificate of Examination (UCE) examinations papers has been traced to Iganga district. The confirmation comes a week after media reports indicating that examination papers were circulating on social media long before they were done by the candidates.

Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb) executive secretary Dan Odongo says preliminary investigations have traced the leakage to storage station in Busesa.

He adds that the area supervisor and scouts have since been arrested to aid investigations into the matter.

"The scout sent to guard the exam confessed that he was paid Shs 1 million to give his keys to perpetrators of the fraud," Odongo told journalists in Kampala today.

Dan Odongo (2nd R) explaining to the Education minister Janet Kataha Museveni how the Uneb printing press works earlier
According to Odongo, over 26 people from various districts have so far been arrested in relation to the examination leakage.
Of the arrested; five were from Entebbe, five from Rwizi, four from Rwenzori west region, two from Serere, one from Amuria, nine from Kampala and one from Iganga.

They include private school teachers, a student, a director of a private school and bursar of a government school among others.

Odongo says the involvement of teachers is an "indictment of teachers who have made education a business."

He however adds that Uneb was still pondering the next course of action.

"Our scouts from other parts of the country have told us that examinations in their areas were going on well and were not affected by news of the examination leaks."

"Until the impact is established, we shall not know what appropriate measure to take to handle the after effect of the exam. So for now we do not know whether we shall cancel the exam or reduce or increase the pass mark. We shall only know what to do after we establish what can be done."


+1 #1 Empayippayi 2017-11-01 17:24
How did the current minister of education get her teacher's degree in the first place?
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-3 #2 Mubiru 2017-11-01 18:55
On a higher level, which is not implausible, I can't imagine being treated by a "medical doctor" who couldn't have passed the final examinations if she/he had not cheated.

These are murderers who impersonate doctors to "treat" poor Ugandans.

This applies to other professions like the legal profession,which are being demeaned by people who pose to represent clients in courts when they have fake law degrees.

This is day light robber to charge the victim millions when they are totally unqualified and incapable to do the job.

Such fake professional will never compete for international jobs where candidates' qualification have to be verified when facing interviewers. These thieves are a disgrace to the professions they claim to belong with there bichupuli degrees.
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0 #3 Bishop.Moses-Kasese 2017-11-01 19:38
Let there be Gid's mercy in this case.
No one is perfect at all.
God bless you

Bishop Moses.
Kasese District.
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0 #4 wazza 2017-11-02 11:09
A few years ago, I heard that the person who head that ministry acquired her degree through dubious means.

Well, investigations should start from there and stop wasting time on mere O'level exams.
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+1 #5 Russo 2017-11-02 11:20
A country of cheats! We cheat in everything at anything on nothing: age, marks, education, spouse, tithes, politics....

Remedy: if your 2040 middle income status is a real dream: ensure e-candidating and examination processes where teaching will be done in class, exam set and administered through computers (laptops), each candidate with a computer with exam code for each paper.

All the examinable subjects stored in each laptop. The code issued to the lead inviliglator who will be accountable should there be fraud. Making sure these laptops have no internet or WiFi connections.

UNEB procures and delivers these gadgets, uses independent examiners who feed the test questions.

In that way maybe you would stop this crookery! oh Uganda. Stop wasting our money on useless ventures please invest in Education if you want quality Engineers, Educators, Physicians, Advocates etc by 2040 and beyond.
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-2 #6 namuli 2017-11-02 12:34
That is de trend now. How can someone pass the interview and a list comes from state house without doing interview and he/she is employed in public service what do you expect from such a person. more to cum.
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