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MP Mbabaali 'stoned' over age limit

Hajji Muhammad Muyanja Mbabaali

Bukoto South Member of Parliament, Hajji Muhammad Muyanja Mbabaali narrowly survived being lynched by his own electorates after he asked them to support the presidential age limit amendment. 

Mbabaali had convened a consultative meeting on the proposed scrapping of article 102(b) of the constitution on Monday at Kiwangala parish in Kissekka sub-county.

However, the MP was forced to call off the meeting prematurely when the electorate turned rowdy and started pelting him with stones. 

Tempers flared shortly after the MP asked his electorate to unconditionally endorse the proposed amendment so as to reward President Yoweri Museveni for the perfect leadership style he has exhibited since he assumed power.
The voters started heckling Mbabaali forcing him to cut his speech short. They accused the legislators of coming to consult them with a predetermined position instead of hearing their views on the matter. Some of the residents started throwing stones at the legislator prompting police to intervene and rescue him. 

At Kissekka sub-county headquarters voters blocked Mbabaali from addressing them, saying he had ferried strangers into the meeting with the intentions of falsifying the results in his favour. At least six vehicles were seen offloading women clad in the yellow NRM party colors chanting NRM slogans. 

The legislator was forced to cancel his third consultative meeting that was scheduled to take place at Kingo sub-county. Richard Ssegirinya, the Kiwangala parish NRM party chairperson and a key mobiliser for Mbabaali, says they briefed the MP about the people's feelings on the bill but he ignored their input.

Ssegirinya says majority of the voters including people in their party circles are not convinced about the proposed amendment, adding that the MP failed to read the minds of his audience before declaring his support for the bill. 

Jalia Namusoke, another NRM supporter says Mbabaali is found of despising his electorates, which could partly explain why the voters turned against him. 

She explains that besides the many unfulfilled government pledges in the area, the opposition politicians who moved ahead of him successfully convinced residents against supporting the proposed amendment. Mbabaali accuses his political opponents for hiring goons to embarrass him. 

He insists that majority of the residents support the proposed amendment, adding that he will revisit his mode of consultation.  Mbabaali becomes the second legislators in greater Masaka region being attacked by their electorate of the controversial amendment. 

Recently voters in Kabula County in Lyantonde district attacked their MP, James Kakooza over his support for the bill.


+10 #1 kelem 2017-10-31 17:21
A blind man trying to lead those with good eye sight huh!!!

The guy sold his soul to the devil and has no choice but to dance to his tune
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+7 #2 Lakwena 2017-10-31 17:35
In other words, this incidence echos Deputy Speaker's, Yakobo Olanya's clarion call for Ugandans to reject "anything" that will divide them and plunge the country into chaos.
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+3 #3 WADADA rogers 2017-10-31 17:49
Lwengo of all places, then nobody is for the lifting of the age limit
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+3 #4 Akot 2017-10-31 18:21
Hajji Muhammad Muyanja Mbabaali & all MPs who want museveni to continue confusing Ugandans with his age as if the existence of Uganda/Ugandans depends on it, must stand down & quit parliament!

Ugandans do not have a National Opposition leadership, but this does not mean they must go along with what is already decided by museveni, who, all know, will NEVER lose any election!

What if Uganda starts by Acholi MPs who are today worse dogs than they were during Dr Obote, standing down?

And why do Acholi still have tribal leader helping keep museveni in power when the monster destroyed Achli completely?

Either Ugandans Unite or go seperately tribally because otherwise, museveni is going no where & will rot everybody's life/throwing them against one another & end up owning Uganda, then throw ALL out!
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+6 #5 saeguya 2017-10-31 19:16
Lol. This is really funny.

The sad thing is that nrm does not listen to the people.
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+1 #6 Phalanch 2017-10-31 23:00
What kind of brain washing is this? To take a full grown up man reduce him, 1st to a halfman not able to tell left and right, turn him into disgrace to the public .

wake up call to this type of people, the choice is for them to take or leave now that they have tested the reaction of attempting to touch 102b .

They are isolated , not comfortable under their own skin, can't look in the eyes of the same people they asked for votes just few months ago. This is a curse , belive u , me it will hunt them down if they don't come clean .

to all those wake up from their nightmare o all those out there still being used I saw Kyambadde almost torn apart this is a wake up call
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+1 #7 Empayippayi 2017-11-01 02:50
Quoting saeguya:
Lol. This is really funny.

The sad thing is that nrm does not listen to the people.

And their party boss listens only to his foreign masters.
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+1 #8 kabayekka 2017-11-01 03:05
You will appreciate the good people of God by their deed not by what they preach
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