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Residents demand Shs 2bn compensation over Kaiso-Tonya rd

Residents of Kabwoya sub-county in Hoima district are demanding over Shs 2 billion in compensation from Uganda National Roads Authority (Unra) and Collin Construction Company for lost property during the Kaiso- Tonya road works.

The affected residents are drawn from Kyenjojo, Hohwa, Kaseta, Nyanseke Kataaba and Kabaale villages, all in Kabwoya sub-county. The road passes through the village of Kabaale, in Buseruka county, the location of the Uganda's oil refinery under construction.
The petition by the residents came up for mention before Justice Albert Rugadya Atwooki yesterday and was adjourned to February 15, 2018.

Kaiso-Tonya road, one of the 'oil roads'

Aplha Opio, the LC V councilor Kabwoya sub-county, says during the road works in 2013 the contractors blasted rocks, which damaged resident's property.

"During the construction works of Hoima-Kaiso, one of the oil roads in the region, there was rock blasting in the areas in the villages of Hohwa, Kyenjonjo. And similarly, there was a quarry plant that was set by Collin Construction Company next to their camp in Kataaba.

During the rock blasting, stones could explode and this caused destruction of properties, crops and even animals. Most of the houses around those villages developed cracks and became uninhabitable and people abandoned them. People no longer even use these houses", said Opio.

According to Opio, residents opted to go to court when after trying to engage the office of the Resident District Commissioner on the matter without success.

"We tried to engage the office of the RDC to have an amicable way of solving this but Unra and Collin did not respond well that why in 2015 the matter was brought to this honourable court of Masindi and we’re happy that the case is proceeding on well."

Robert Irumba, the lawyer of the project affected persons, says they are seeking over Shs 2 billion.

The total claim is Shs 2-point something billion and so far the witnesses for plaintiffs are almost done. We are left with one, the chairman of Kyenjonjo but court has decided we first go to the ground, establish the facts on the ground, look at the damaged properties then we shall come back to court to proceed with the hearing then after court will determine the matter", Irumba said.

On Friday this week, Justice Albert Rugadya Atwooki, the Masindi resident judge will visit the affected area on a fact finding mission.


0 #1 Akot 2017-10-12 18:41
So, road construction/development in Uganda is visible when they lead to natural resources that are exploited by museeni-foreign companies?

How will oil benefit locals why have already lost everything & are not included in the project right from the beginning?

Do Ugandan still believe staying tribally divided is going to ensure their belonging to their tribal land riches?

No wonder developed countries-UN accept tribalism in Uganda that gives them acces to natural rich lands & they join museveni in looting lands dry, while telling the world Uganda under museveni is democratic, prosperous, Ugandans live in a peace!

Developed countries are like Libyan human trafficers happy with the money they get from those looking for better life in Europe, while abandoning their rich lands to demons to loot & share with developed countries!
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