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Age limit: Kyaligonza attacks Magyezi, IGP

Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza

A member of NRM’s Central Executive Committee, the top most party decision-making organ, has joined Ugandans asking President Museveni to take heed of public opposition to his ruling party’s push to remove presidential age limits.

Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza, a senior commander in the bush war, which brought Museveni to power in 1986, NRM vice chairman representing western Uganda, member of the army’s historical high command, and presently Uganda’s ambassador to strife-torn Burundi, made his comments when he spoke to a Kampala radio on Independence day.

“The president should listen to what people are saying. He should stop pretending to be very busy. He should use this chance [to retire] now when we still love him, not to give a chance to everyone to say he is tired,” Kyaligonza said.

He was speaking on CBS radio’s prime news skit, Nze nga bwendaba (The way I see it), on Monday morning hosted by Alex Nsubuga.

Kyaligonza warned that the controversial proposal to remove Article 102(b) that sets the 35 to 75-year presidential age cap, is taking the country down a dangerous road which spells doom.

Speaking about the September 27 chaos in which opposition MPs were beaten and violently dragged out of parliament by troops from the Special Forces Command, which protects the president, the former delegate to the Constituent Assembly, said limitation clauses were deliberately written into the 1995 Constitution.

He said during the CA, they spent about four days debating the age limit proposal with amendment after amendment, especially from the government side headed by the late Colonel Sserwanga Lwanga.

“The bad thing is, it has come at a time when Museveni is also 75 years old; we have now over-personalised this debate,” Kyaligonza said.

He said they placed limiting clauses in the Constitution because of Uganda’s history with dictators who planned on clinging on as presidents for life.

“We said instead of just pushing them out by force, let’s put in place mechanisms where it’s nature that will stop somebody from standing again. But now some people think what we did was for nothing,” Kyaligonza said.

The former MP in the 6th parliament said it is wrong to legislate for one person however good they might be, because bad people might use the same window.

“Even these MPs are wrong; why should you insist on bringing a proposal that results into beatings, fighting and arresting people? Why are you forcing it on people? Why don’t you withdraw it and first get consensus?” he said.

He likened Raphael Magyezi’s private member’s bill to former president Apollo Milton Obote’s 1967 pigeonhole constitution that is said to have been single-handedly drafted by then attorney general, Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa, and forced on parliament.

“Magyezi has no magezi [intelligence]; why do you do things just to be seen? If you bring a proposal and it’s rejected, why don’t you withdraw it?” Kyaligonza said.

“If I was Magyezi, I would have used common sense to see that the issue I’m bringing is unpopular; you can’t sell it to your constituents.”

Kyaligonza criticised Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga’s handling of the September 27 session that ended in violence and ejection of opposition MPs. He said Kadaga should have adjourned business to let MPs who were continuously singing the national anthem to cool off.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga

“As speaker, you can’t afford to lose your temper. When you lose your temper, you can’t debate; that’s why Oulanyah [deputy speaker] outsmarted her. When they [MPs] sang the national anthem, he listened because no one is allowed to interfere with the anthem. After, he would then say ‘order’ and they repeated the singing until he adjourned the house.”

Deputy speaker Jacob Oulanyah was in charge of proceedings when the opposition first made it clear they would have none of the Magyezi bill.

The two-star general also lampooned the police and other security agencies’ un- necessary siege of parliament, which he likened to “guarding rats”.

“[Inspector General of Police Kale] Kayihura was also wrong to deploy the way he deployed at parliament. It’s true there are times when you can deploy but in that situation it was unnecessary.”

Kyaligonza is the first army general still in government to publicly oppose the lifting of age limits.

He joins former prime minister Apolo Nsibambi, former vice president Gilbert Bukenya, bishops, leaders of the Muslim community, university lecturers, ordinary Ugandans, civil society actors, among others, in calling for President Museveni to retire in 2021.

In 2015, as NRM prepared to choose senior office bearers, Kyaligonza furiously responded to an attempt by Odrek Rwabwogo, husband to the president’s daughter Patience, to unseat him as party chair for western Uganda.

After days of outraged denunciations suggesting the son-in-law was riding on his relationship with the first family to undermine founding members, the central executive committee rejected Rwabwogo’s scheme and endorsed Kyaligonza unopposed.



+7 #11 Mubiru 2017-10-11 15:26
Hon.Kyaligonza rightly compared the "age limit" bill with Obote's 1967 Pigeonhole constitution which was forced on Ugandans.

That's how history repeats itself. Like history, tribalism and sectarianism repeated themselves in today's Uganda..

First Post Independence Govt: Obote-President, Oryema-Police Chief, Okware-Prisons Chief, Onama-Defence-Odaka Foreign Affairs- Ojera Information-Opolot-Army Commander.

The only difference is that Oryema a professional policeman walked about in Kampala without platoons of security shielding him.

His car was escorted by only one vehicle. Obote never had armies of advisors and his escort cars were not the fleets accompanying Museveni.

Money was never stolen or wasted on mini units called districts and the non-corrupt regime saved millions to build hospitals,schools, roads without mortgaging the country by soliciting foreign loans at exorbitant costs.

That is where history can't guarantee to repeat its self otherwise Uganda would not be bleeding.
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+6 #12 A K Mukasa 2017-10-11 15:50
Not too late for other right thinking NRM bigwigs to redeem themsleves.

Otherwise when change comes, as night follows day, it will be too late for them.
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+9 #13 jacinta 2017-10-11 15:58
Betty, u re right, some pple just wake up and write anything they dont follow news, it was John Nagenda, the first to oppse the issue of age limit, i also appreciate Matayo, if he is serious with his message, why u force yourself on pple through idiots like Magyezi with no magezi, Anita confused gal bse of jobs and money, now wasting our monies for consultation by MPs in their constituencies, when it comes to teachers,

Doctors demands or health issues, no money, we have money for infrastructure, when AL(age limit), anything in his favor, we shall give u money to facilitate the motion and consult, nonsense and stupid.
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-12 #14 Robert Atuhairwe 2017-10-11 16:49
Nothing special. He is welcome. Everybody has right of opinion
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+6 #15 asaba 2017-10-11 18:30
thank you kyaligonza to come up with such inteligent words of a grownup person God fearing and the heart of our country bse uganda is heading in the pit of 1000ft to remove age limit will lead the assassination of dictators in future bse pple would not have any other option
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+6 #16 Time to go 2017-10-12 00:55
Money should not be used to purchase thinkers.

M7 it shines at the other end too go out in class and let the young ones take over. Uganda is not married to you.
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+5 #17 Araali Kintukindi 2017-10-12 04:45
Thank you so very much Major General Kyaligonza & the likes of Mr. John Nagenda...for standing up to be counted at a time like this when Uganda as a people and Mr. M7 as a person need more such voices. In Runyakitara (M7's favorite!) there is a saying that goes:

"OKUKUNDA AKUGAMBIRA NK'OTAKWENDA KANDI OTAKWENDA AKUGAMBIRA NK'OKUKUNDA", literary meaning that 'He who loves you tells you like he hates you and He who hates you tells you like he loves you.'

So M7 must be able to differentiate between those who HATE him and those who LOVE him or else he becomes that proverbial fly vs. the coffin!!
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+7 #18 Araali Kintukindi 2017-10-12 04:58
“Magyezi has no magezi [intelligence]; why do you do things just to be seen? If you bring a proposal and it’s rejected, why don’t you withdraw it?” Kyaligonza said.

“If I was Magyezi, I would have used common sense to see that the issue I’m bringing is unpopular; you can’t sell it to your constituents.”

Major General, I will live to tell my children and their children about this whenever that name "Magyezi" is mentioned in the history of Uganda. "Magyezi has no magyezi."

This made my day. So cute!
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+1 #19 Lakwena 2017-10-12 15:23
It is good news to the ears that; this categorical objection to the amendment of the Age-limit, comes from one of the historical NRA/M war horses' mouth.

Hence, it is only those live to eat, who think Magyezi still has a head of his own on his shoulder. Otherwise, it is the stupidest thing to do, and come up with such a bill.

This is because, instead of boot and butt licking; a seemingly still youthful Maggyezi, should be jostling among other aspirants to take over political leadership from the Octogenarian deadwood in the NRM come 2021.

In other words, Ugandans should resist Mr. M7's Gerontocracy: Political leadership of the old, by the old and for the benefit of the old.

Maggyezi therefore, is a very depressing personality; telling the youths that Mr. M7, Gen Moses Ali, Haji Kirunda Kivedinda, Moses Kigongo, VP Sekandi, Rugunda, etc., are the future leaders of Uganda.
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+1 #20 Lakwena 2017-10-12 15:44
Until the advent of Gorbachev and his Perestroika, It was the old-fashion, Octogenarian mentality (Gerontocracy) that bankrupt and brought the Soviet Union to its knee.

Similarly, until Deng Xiaoping revolutionized the political economy of China, and placed it on the capitalist path; 20 years ago China was still categorized by the West as a third world country.

In other words e.g., after 37 years in power, look at the economic mess a future-less, Octogenarian, Robert Mugabe has put Zimbabweans in .

Unfortunately Zimbabwe, is one of the countries, the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee has chosen to go for a case study about the No-age-limit nonsense.

Are Ugandans cursed!
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