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Urinating in public: MP Abiriga skips court

Ibrahim Abiriga at parliament

Arua municipality MP Col. Ibrahim Abiriga failed to appear in City Hall court to answer to charges of being a public nuisance for urinating in public.

Abiriga had been summoned by Grade One magistrate Beatrice Khainza to appear before the court today, Friday, following the emergence of pictures showing him urinating in a public place, contrary to provisions of the Kampala City Council (KCC) maintenance of law and order ordinance 2006.

Prosecution alleges that on September 27, 2017, along Kyaggwe road in Kampala, Abiriga, a member of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, eased himself on the fence of Ministry of Finance. A picture of him went viral a day later causing a public uproar on the conduct.

Abiriga later admitted in a televised interview that he had failed to control himself because he was "badly off after taking a lot of Coke Zero soda."

Today, in court, however Abiriga was represented by his lawyer Usaama Ssebuwufu. The lawyer told court presided over by Moses Nabende that Abiriga had travelled to his constituency in Arua, by the time the summons were issued.

"The client was served late, there was late service of summons, so he was unable to attend court today. And we also received instructions yesterday that he had already travelled for official duties. So we asked court to extend to enable him to appear in person", he said.

Ssebuwufu pleaded that the matter is fixed on a later date when his client will be able to appear. The two parties resolved that the matter is adjourned to October 25.

According to the KCC maintenance of law and order ordinance 2006, a person commits a nuisance by easing himself or herself in any street or place where he or she may be seen by the public.

The ordinance prescribes a penalty of a fine not exceeding two currency points (Shs 40,000) or imprisonment not exceeding two months or both for any person who contravenes any of its provisions.


0 #1 Skeptoid 2017-10-06 17:24
Ibrahim " urinator in chief" abiriga a no show, imagine if it were an opposition Mp who'd done the act, flying squad, SFC, black mambas etc would be deployed to arrest the suspect.
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0 #2 Odongkara 2017-10-06 20:33
Abiriga we are going to teach you how to behave yourself.

Rhino camp is where you rightly fit in and not Arua municipality you claim to represent by crook.

This lawyer is lying because Abiriga isn't in Arua as I pen this.
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