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Dress code: Ministry bans mini skirts, coloured hair

The Ministry of Public Service has issued a dress code banning sleeveless, transparent and tight clothing for non-uniformed officers in Public Service.

According to Public Service permanent secretary Catherine Bitarakwate Musingwiire public servants have disregarded Section F-j of the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders, 2010 by continually dressing in a manner that does not portray a good image of the service.

The notice describes decent dressing as “dressing in a manner that is socially acceptable and generally considered to be smart, good, reasonable and portrays a good image of the Public Service”

Dress code for female officers

1) Dress in a skirt or dress that’s not above the knees with a smart long or short sleeved blouse. Officers should avoid wearing sleeveless, transparent blouses and dresses at the workplace.

2) To ensure that the clothing covers up cleavage, navel, knees and back.

3) Not to be allowed to appear for duty in open flat shoes, “except on Doctors recommendation/medical ground”

4) Not allowed to have bright coloured hair in form of natural hair, braids and hair extensions.

5) To keep hair neat and presentable.

6) May wear trousers during office hours in form of smart lady suits with jackets long enough to cover the bosom.

7) To wear modest accessories for example diamond studs and pins. Chandelier earrings should not not be worn.

8) To desist from wearing tight fitting dresses and skirt.

9) Maintain well-groomed, neutral polished nails. Long nails with more than three 3cms, with bright nail polish or with multi-coloured nail polish are not allowed in public offices.

10) Shall keep the facial make up simple and not exaggerated.

Dress code for male officers:

1) Male officers are required to dress in neat trousers, long-sleeved shirts, jacket and a tie.

2) Officers shall not be allowed to put on open shoes during working hours “except on health ground/recommendation”

3) Officers should dress in dark colours like dark green or brown, navy blue, grey and black suits.

4) Hair should be well-groomed and generally kept short.

5) Tight fitting trousers will not be permitted.

6) Only black and brown shoes should be worn to the office premises.


0 #21 Akot 2017-07-05 21:14
Wooden K., thanks!

It's amaizing that museveni has drawn Ugandans in his game & ministers have joined to humiliate Ugandans too!

How can there be a minister of Public Service in a country without National Education & even think of imposing dress code to any one?

Does this minister even know what 'Public Sercice is'?

Public Service means government giving/ensuring Education-Healthcare-public transport/good roads-subsisting/modernizing Agriculture-ensuring those without income get food...!

Ugandans MUST really wake up if they want any future at all or they should not vote any more! What's going on makes no sense!
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0 #22 Asimwe Jacinta 2017-07-06 03:42
seems our legislators are confused and avoiding sensitive issues affecting Ugandans and hiding behind non issues.

talk about corruption, age limit, insecurity, education, shadow infrastructure and others, you re there wasting our money and time talking about dressing and long nails, idiots and confused.
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0 #23 Lysol 2017-07-06 03:59
The notion that Uganda is a conservative country is a fallacy.

A few individuals who use their own religious beliefs to impose themselves onto Ugandans are not better than the caliphates..

Not to mention that those same ladies who could never look good in such short dresses themselves, are behind such a draconian law.

Where is the freedom of expression? Next time they will control what not eat, especially meat or fish, but you can drink milk only.
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