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Mabirizi rejects poll results, asks EC officials to resign

Joseph Mabirizi casts his vote recently

Independent coalition presidential candidate, Elton Joseph Mabirizi has rejected the February 18 presidential and parliamentary election results and called for the resignation of Electoral Commission chairman Badru Kiggundu and all his commissioners.

Mabirizi says Kiggundu went ahead and announced President Museveni as winner yet "all reports from local and international observers have indicated, presided over an election that was neither free, fair not credible", he said in a statement

Mabirizi says it was a "shame" for Kiggundu to announce the incumbent as winner because "Mr. Museveni did not win this election", adding that the results announced by the Electoral Commission "were and are a deplorable forgery".

Mabirizi further says that “working with our colleagues and partners, we shall challenge this result using all Constitutional means available to us, until the stolen victory is reversed and handed back to the true winner of this election. In doing so, we shall not allow ourselves to be intimidated, coerced or blackmailed”.
Mabirizi makes a set of suggestions to manage the 'scandal' that was reportedly committed by Kiggundu to avert possible post-election violence. They include annulment of the declaration of Museveni as winner, adding that for avoidance of doubt; a vote recount should be conducted adding that, there was no tallying worth its name at the national tally center at Nambole, but periodic announcements of forged results.
“To save the country and petitioners from the huge expenses of a court petition whose outcome is not likely to be different from that of 2001 and 2006, we propose an out of court settlement that involves a public hearing on the conduct of the 2016 Presidential election, during which all evidence of electoral irregularities will be presented and analyzed,” he states.
He also proposed a halt to the preparations for the swearing in of the "winner that never was, return of the army to barracks and to substantially reduce the presence of other armed personnel from the streets and some villages, which has created an atmosphere of intimidation, fear and siege"
Mabirizi also called for the release all persons arrested on election-related offenses and the immediate removal of the siege from Dr. Kizza Besigye's residence in Kasangati and to guarantee his right of free movement within Uganda and abroad. Mabirizi joins four of the eight candidates; Kizza Besigye, Amama Mbabazi, Abed Bwanika and Benon Biraaro that have called the election a 'sham' and rejected the results.

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