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Anger in Soroti as Police disperses Mbabazi supporters

Some of the disfigured posters of President Museveni

Angry residents did not only pull down President Museveni’s campaign posters off buildings and poles along Soroti streets but also dared security operatives in running battles following Police’s disruption of Amama Mbabazi’s rally today.

At Soroti Sports Grounds where the Police dispersed the crowds, two police officers were shot at and injured with arrows while another was hit by a flying stone. 

Further, the residents pitched camp at Soroti Golf Club grounds demanding that ex-prime Minister Mbabazi addresses them. Philip Acaye, the East Kyoga Regional Police Commander blocked Mbabazi from holding saying he was working on instructions from above. The decision by Police to disperse Mbabazi's campaign rally didn't go down with the residents leading to running battles with the officers.
Although Police was able to disperse the residents from the Sports Ground, they started pelting the officers with stones. The residents later regrouped and managed to cut off a team of about 30 Police officers at Soroti Sports Grounds and threatened to lynch them. The officers pleaded for their lives saying they were only following orders from above.

The angry residents also cut off Serere road, which leads to Soroti Hotel and Father Hilders Road. They vowed to confront Police or any other person who dares steps foot there to disperse them.  They attempted to attack Teddy Acham and Ochen Olanya, both NRM mobilisers who tried to use the road.
The youths were joined by various parliamentary aspirants including Atan Okia, Peter Carlos Ebiau and Aisha Alibhia and NRM party strong man Stanley Erop.

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