Shoot prison escapees, orders Byabashaija

Prison escapees should be shot on sight, the Commissioner General of Prisons Dr Johnson Byabashaija has told prison warders.

Byabasheija’s order came at the urging of a warder, John Opolot, who requested that prison escapees should be shot to prevent others from escaping. The commissioner general who was touring Butuntumula prison recently said he would be offended if a prisoner fled from custody before serving out his/her term.

He added that warders were justified to shoot escaping inmates, but advised that those shooting should aim to maim not to kill.

“The shooting should strictly be to disable and not to kill because shooting to kill is again criminal… shooting at inmates escaping from the prisons is strong enough to scare others willing to follow suit,” he said.

He later revealed that the prisons department was planning to start a canine unit, to use dogs to help guard the prisons and chase escapees in case of prison breaks.

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