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Court gives tenants three-day eviction notice

Six tenants in Arua town are crying foul after the High court ordered for their eviction from a building on Plot 15, Transport road.

The High court, sitting in Arua, on May 14, 2013, instructed Apollo Ezama Olema, the head of Vimba Associates bailiffs, to remove all tenants and leased the building to James Nyakuni, the owner of Gaagaa Bus Company.

“You are hereby directed to put the said James Nyakuni, the person who has leased the property into possession and you are hereby authorized to remove any person bound by the order who may refuse to vacate the said plot under decree,” read the court order.

The controversy started when one Agnes Tabu, a former tenant, dragged Bosco Enaku, the landlord of the building, to court for unlawful eviction.

In her suit in the same court, Tabu claimed that on top of illegally evicting her, her landlord confiscated her property worth millions of shillings. Tabu won the case and court advertised the building for sale to compensate her losses.

The property was valued for sale and leased to Nyakuni for 10 years at Shs 2.5m per month to offset court charges and Tabu’s losses. But before implementing the court order, the sitting tenants were given three days to vacate.

Agnes Ayikoru, one of the tenants, complained that she had been given a short notice. The building in question also houses Global lodge, one of the popular lodges in Arua town.

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