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Suspicious alien arrested in Nakasongola Barracks

Security officers have been interrogating a suspicious man who was found illegally camping in Nakasongola Army Barracks recently.

Eric Jansen, who says he is a German national, had reportedly set up a tent in the thick bushes of the barracks, one of the largest in the country. He is believed to have spent more than a month here. During the interrogation, Jansen said he is a German national working with Lake Victoria Development Initiative in Entebbe.

The army officers who arrested Jansen later handed him over to CID police at Kibuli and the case was taken over by the General Crimes department. According to the General Crimes police boss, ACP Paul Mugisha, investigations aim to establish the motives of this man.

“Investigations have kicked off to see why he chose to be alone in that thick and above all insecure area. What if the army men had suspected him to be an enemy and shot at him?” Mugisha said.

The police officer noted that some foreign nationals come into the country with ulterior, selfish motives. He cited Kristian Von Hornsleth, a Danish artist who in 2006 entered Uganda and started the controversial Hornsleth Village Project in a village named Buteyongera. It was later discovered that Hornsleth was using the project, in which he donated a piglet or a goat to each villager who enlisted, to promote his struggling art career back home.

What made the project most controversial was that all villagers participating had to adopt his name.

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