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Star Trail: Navio on R. Kelly song

Just when you thought 2010 couldn’t get any better for hip hop musician Navio, you are hit with a new revelation.

Navio recently snagged the 2010 PAM Awards hip hop artiste trophy, and the singer has had a tremendous year. He was recently signed as the face of Pilsner beer promos in a deal that rumours claimed would make him Shs 50m richer. The singer celebrated that contract with new wheels.

Now Navio is singing on the same track as legendary R&B singer R. Kelly. The song Hands Across the World is just one of many projects slated to climax in a full album and DVD later this year.

The song which is already out saw not only R. Kelly get on board but also gathered some of Africa’s brightest musical stars including 2Face (Nigeria), Alikiba (Tanzania), Amani (Kenya), Fally Ipupa (DRC), 4X4 (Ghana), JK (Zambia), Movaizhalene (Gabon), and our own Navio. Now let’s wait and see if Kelly has sprinkled his hit making gold dust on this project too.

Kirya brothers back

The Kirya brothers seem to be planning something huge for the Ugandan music scene, going by how they have been jetting into the country. First it was Vampino’s return at the end of 2009 after a lengthy stay away from the music scene. He soon made an impression with his 2010 hits like Kwekunya and Tell Daddy collabo with Goodlyfe’s Mowzey Radio and Weasel.

Now another Kirya is in town. Best known as Saba Saba or Krazy Native, Alex Kirya has been in Kampala for several weeks now. Word on the grapevine is that plans are in motion for the Kirya brothers to collaborate on a musical project. The project will see Vampino, Saba Saba and Maurice Kirya appear on one album.

However, one Saba Saba project that is already off the ground is the documentary Diamonds in the Rough. The documentary, mainly focussing on members of pioneer Ugandan hip hop group Bataka Underground, traces the beginning and evolution of the genre in Uganda. It is a must watch for music fans who wish to trace the murky beginnings of Ugandan hip hop whose most famous musician right now is GNL Zamba.

2011 BNP awards open for submissions

The Beverley Nambozo Poetry Awards have opened to receive poetic submissions for their 2011 edition. The BNP award submissions will be received from November 15 to March 31. Interested writers are permitted to submit up to three poems per writer. The award is, however, only open to Ugandan women writers residing in Uganda.

The theme for the 2011 BNP Awards is hope. More details on the 2011 edition of the BNP Award can be found at http://bnpoetryaward.blogspot.com. The awards in their second year of existence have distinguished themselves not only for rewarding the winning poets with monetary returns, but also for being the only awards dedicated to encouraging women poets to write and publish their work.

Michael Ross releases Dream Girl video

If there is one thing musician Michael Ross cannot be faulted on, it is being repetitive. The musician has continued to experiment with different types of music styles, even when some industry insiders thought he had found a winning formula.

Where any musician would have been content to do Senorita retreads (Senorita was his break-out hit), Ross broke ranks with Steve Jean to try new styles. These experiments led him to songs like Y’ono and Nalulungi which have become wedding favourites.

The musician is now setting out in another direction. He has just finished his Dream Girl video and instead of backing down under the furious outrage over the explicitness of Clothes Off, Ross has decided to amp up the sexiness.

The video was shot by Josh of Torque and all stops were pulled out to make it unique. Ross says that the video is his best yet because it comes closest to fusing his musical vision with what happens in his music videos.

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