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Girls night out at Toniks’ show

Over the weekend, Allan Toniks took to the stage for his first big concert ever.

This came four years after his chart-topping Beera Nange hit the airwaves winning him that year’s Pearl of Africa Music (PAM) award for Best R&B single. Talking to The Observer a day to the show, Toniks, born Allan Ampaire, said that instead of holding the show after releasing one hit like is the norm here, he decided to take his time recording more songs.

I think it was worth the wait because he has matured, taken time to discover himself and in the end gave us song after song which is no easy job after such a big debut single. As you would expect, the ladies came to Garden City’s rooftop to show their support. Most were either single or they had left their men home to have a girls’ night out.

Perhaps the men chose to stay home because their girls would not pay any attention to them. The men were ably represented, though. The students in boarding schools must have been heartbroken hearing that one of their top idols had chosen to throw a party when they are ‘locked’ up.

Even his fellow musicians came through; Don MC, Mr Woods, C.K, Maro, Cindy, Coco Finger, Michael Ross, Flex D’paper, Mun*G, Big Trill, and Lillian were some of the guest artistes. Ruyonga and Maurice Kirya were backstage but didn’t perform though the latter spent the whole night hugging or being hugged by the ladies.

For some reason, none of the musicians he has collaborated with turned up for the show. This could have been the promoter’s way of keeping the budget as low as possible because Kampala party animals have become unpredictable. I am sure we all would have loved to watch a live performance of Swagg Meter on which he features Zambian, Roberto.

Toniks took to the stage at 11pm singing January to December followed by Yenze. He then did an acoustic version of Ningyenda Yoona. Wow! It’s Runyankore to mean ‘I want all your love’ and all the lovers in the house got to their feet. That was before he did an acapella with the guys who first believed in him – Ngoni.

Michael Ross, Coco Finger and Cindy performed during the break before the man of the night returned looking swagged up! The pink shorts, striped shirt, bowtie and blue moccasins looked really cool.

It was time to get crazy with That Girl and the foot-stomping Itaano. The long-lost Lillian with whom he recorded Beera Nange finally appeared. She sounded rusty since her parents won’t let her get near a microphone because she has to get a ‘real job.’

Nevertheless, we appreciate that she took an hour out of Law School to grace the stage with her presence. Tugende Tukyekole was the last song performed at midnight. Lillian Mbabazi’s The Sundowners were on point but Silk events had issues with the sound.  


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