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Kakiri town’s Shalom punching above its weight

No doubt Shalom restaurant is Kakiri town’s best. Their dining standards are way above every eatery in the neighbourhood.

Clearly, the target market is the travellers along the Hoima highway. Not that they don’t have a sizeable number of local diners; they actually do especially with the many corporates that have built their upcountry houses that side, but the majority of the diners appear to be ‘foreigners’.

And their management is well aware and they try to up the standards and live up to expectations. Almost every appliance that you expect to find in a city restaurant, they have.

Even the customer care is as quick and swift. For the luncheon, it is mostly local foods but they still offer fast foods if you prefer. They might even give you yams that you have not ordered for. The Shs 10,000 price for the fish, goat’s meat, chicken, pasted fish and other foods, it is relatively affordable.

Beans and peas go for Shs 5000 while beef goes for Shs 8,000. Not many restaurants 40km away from Kampala city can comfortably serve tea/coffee as late as 2pm. Shalom restaurant does.

Their fresh fish is indeed fresh fish and the food is served in sizeable portions. The yams and matooke have an organic taste to them – hinting that they are bought from nearby local gardens. As for the rice, it is the cheapest and most tasteless version, but generally, the food is tasty and enjoyable.


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