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Three is a crowd: Julie and David take victory lap as Diane lies broken

David and Diane have been married for years; then there is Julie, the young secretary whose axis collides with the couple’s in ways none of them saw coming.


After David’s call, I packed a case for Junior and me as David had instructed, though I was shocked and caught off guard by his call. I packed our things in a daze, not sure any of it was real, part of me expecting David to call back any minute and say it was a mistake or cruel joke.

It was not until he actually arrived, right on time at five thirty, and brightly asked if I was ready, that it actually sunk in fully. I only had a single case and baby bag for Junior packed, and while David carried those down to the car, I retrieved Junior from Sandra.

“We should be back on Sunday; there’s food in the fridge, but in case of anything, just call me,” I said kindly.
“Fine,” she nodded curtly, then added, almost as an afterthought: “Thanks.”

Her attitude had not improved over the past few days, but I put it down to adolescence, for nothing else made any sense; whatever it was, as David and I got further and further out of the city, so did all thoughts of Sandra’s moodiness. By the time we arrived at what looked like a five-star resort, she was the last thing on my mind.

A bell boy showed us up to our suite, which was not just large and luxuriously furnished, but best of all, it was on the top floor, with a private balcony that looked out over the lake. I had never been anywhere this beautiful or fancy, and after the bell boy had left and I had taken it all in, I flung myself at David in gratitude and appreciation.

“It’s beautiful! Thank you!” I breathed honestly against his face as I hugged him tightly.
“You’re welcome; glad you like it,” he smiled, as he gently detached himself from me, and led me to sit with him on the bed.

Junior had fallen asleep during the drive over, and I had set him down on a cot provided on the other side of the bed, when we first walked in; so, David and I were both unencumbered, and truly alone for the first time in weeks, and with David not having anywhere to go, we were reaching for each other seconds after we sat down.


It felt so good to finally be able to take Julie into my arms and make love to her, without worrying about how late I was going to be getting back to Diane, or whether she would pick up on Julie’s scent, that I wound up making love to her over and over again, as though making up for all the times I had not been able to.

It was not just a satisfying feeling, but a liberating one as well; this weekend I was free from the responsibilities of a husband with an injured wife, and free from having to act like I did not mind those extra duties when around Diane or her mother.

The suite had not come cheap, but seeing the way Julie’s face lit up when she saw it, and her genuine expressions of delight and appreciation, made it all worth it.

Furthermore, I knew that if it had been Diane I had done this for, her response would not have been quite as enthusiastic; for, unlike Julie, Diane felt entitled to luxury and expensive treats, and took them for granted, which kind of took the joy out of giving them to her.

Besides, I knew that Julie and Junior had gotten the short end of the stick when it came to how much I gave them as compared to what Diane and the children got, especially since Diane’s accident. I had not been giving Julie and Junior my time; so, they were both overdue for some pampering, and I was happy to give it to them.


My mother had always been David’s greatest fan, but even she could not defend him going for a “retreat”, when I was still pretty incapacitated.

“I understand that it’s important because it’s his job, but they know about the accident; so, he should have insisted that he was needed here,” she grumbled, as we had dinner (in my room) that Friday evening.

I had not shared my suspicion with her that David was actually with his mistress, because I still wanted to maintain the image of a perfect marriage, even to my own mother.

I found it embarrassing that my husband was running around with some nobody, and was afraid she would blame me for it; and why wouldn’t she, when I blamed myself? If I had not broken up my body as badly as I had in that stupid accident, I would have been able to give more of myself to my husband rather than just take from him.

I was certain that good-for-nothing whore knew about my condition and was no doubt taking full advantage of it to give David what I currently could not; and if it was on offer, which red-blooded male would turn it down?

“Like you said, it’s his job, so it’s important; besides, he knows I have you here; so, I’ll be fine,” I answered with a forced smile.
“That may be so for now, but I’ve got your father and my own home to think about; so, I can’t stay indefinitely, and I’d just like to know that when I do leave, he won’t be leaving you alone for work events.”

“I’m sure he only went because he knew you were here; so, don’t worry about going back home – I’ll be fine,” I assured her, with a lot more confidence than I actually felt.

If David could run off for a weekend tryst with her with his mother-in-law in the house, what would happen when she left and there was only me around to witness or judge his actions?


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