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I now know why Rahim Foods is very popular

With some of their videos on TikTok raking in 29 million views and counting, Rahim Foods is a unique restaurant.

Unlike other restaurants that jealously guard their recipes and preparation process, Rahim decided to open up their kitchens – almost in defiance of business operating procedures and principles.

The social media numbers have amazingly resulted into actual customers. The popularity of their wooden lusaniya (platter) meals eventually attracted The Observer to visit the Namasuba branch, which is quite some distance off the main Entebbe road.

You can only go this far if you are looking for something unique. As early as 11 a.m., diners start trekking into the storied building, which is extremely family-friendly.

The platter choices are limited to two; the cheaper group platters (served with matooke, pilau, white rice, groundnuts, beans, chapati, Irish potatoes, beef, chicken, greens, and kachumbali) or the mega platter that carries pilau, sausages, chapati, chips, goat meat, and avocado.

The food is presented exactly as it looks like in the pictures. For Muslim cooks though, the extremely rubbery chapati was a big disappointment. However, the chips are served aplenty and carry a unique yellowish sweet flavour.

Nothing is special with the meats though – the chicken is just deep-fried chicken while the goat’s meat is first boiled before it’s wet fried. Unlike the chips, the meats are served like prescribed medicines – only three pieces of each.

The pilau is as perfect as expected from the Muslim chefs. It can be eaten on its own, but will taste even better with the meats and gravy.

If you are a keen diner looking beyond ordinary tastes, Rahim might leave you slightly disappointed but for regular diners especially those out for an occasional treat, it is the place to be; even the Shs 90,000 fee might seem like a bargain for three to four diners. But if you find their platter, dare try their pizza, you might even CJs so cheap in comparison.



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