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Three is a crowd: The women in this network leave the men insecure

(Continued from last issue)

David and Diane have been married for years; then there is Julie, the young secretary whose axis collides with the couple’s in ways none of them saw coming.


“This is new! What are you doing in here so early?” Tracy asked in shocked surprise as she walked into the back office of the boutique and saw me at my desk, my computer already turned on.

“I did the school drop-off this morning and since I was already up and about, I decided I might as well come in and get started on that sales ledger.”

“Well, that was very generous of you, but between you and me, you probably should have gone back home and slept for a bit; you look tired, long night?” she answered inquisitively, in her almost trademark nosy manner.

“Not really; I think it’s just that I woke up earlier than I usually do,” I shrugged dismissively.

While Tracy and I were close, we were not close enough for me to tell her about last night. How could I tell her that I believed David had been thinking of his mistress while having sex with me? Admitting it to myself had been hard enough; admitting it to anyone else was too embarrassing and degrading to even consider.

Unfortunately, she was too perceptive, and continued prying: “How are the kids? I haven’t seen them in a while; they must have grown a lot since I last saw them.”

“They’re fine, and yes, they have grown; you know kids these days grow like weeds!” I tried to keep her on this safe ground.
It did not work: “How about David? Is he behaving himself?”

“He’s fine, and yes, behaving himself as far as I can tell,” I forced a smile to lend credence to my words, and turned back to my computer so I did not have to look her in the eye as I lied.

I could feel her eyes boring into me for a few seconds, but then she thankfully gave up and rubbing her hands together, got down to business.

“Great; let’s see how far you’ve gotten with that ledger,” she answered brightly, and came round the desk to join me.


I mused over Diane’s cold attitude that morning throughout my drive to work but could not for the life of me come up with an explanation for her mood.

It had been a great night as far as I could tell, but her almost angry disposition had me questioning my performance; had I fallen short in some way? Maybe she had not had the chance to reach the climax I had; had she had an orgasm? I could not remember, or, I had not noticed.

There are few things that get a man feeling as insecure as the thought that he has not satisfied his partner sexually, and I was determined to rectify that image as soon as possible; so, I began plotting a plan of action.

I would skip passing by the apartment after work, and instead pick up a bottle of Diane’s favourite wine, maybe a box of chocolates as well (I was sure I had read someplace that chocolate was a great aphrodisiac), and woo her from the minute I got home, setting the mood for a night of passion that would obliterate any negative memory from last night.

With a plan of action decided upon, I pushed all thoughts of Diane and last night from my mind. There was work to do and targets to meet; so, as I locked up the car and headed for the entrance, I was no longer David the somewhat insecure husband but, rather, David Mujuni, the successful, demanding and confident boss and team leader.

I had learned early on to separate my personal and professional lives, and to make sure the two never crossed paths; it was the only way to succeed at both.


Kenneth was literally waiting at the door for Junior and I, and he enveloped us in a tight hug as soon as we walked in.

“My, oh my, can I first set Junior down before you squeeze the life out of him?” I joked, as I gently tried to detach myself from him, slightly overwhelmed by the exuberance of his welcome.

“Yes, of course; sorry, I’m just really glad you’re here,” he answered with an embarrassed laugh as he released us.
“So am I,” I replied with a soft smile.

It was the truth; being with Kenneth at his place rather than mine removed the cloud of David’s presence, and I could breathe easier, without worrying that our time together was being captured on tape.

“Really? You didn’t seem so keen to see me when I called.”
“I thought I had explained that; I wanted to see you, just not at the apartment.”
“Oh yeah; because your boyfriend wouldn’t approve, right?” he smirked.

“I didn’t come here to argue Kenneth; we’ve already discussed this,” I reminded him quietly.
“I know; I’m sorry,” he sighed. “It’s just that I genuinely love you and I don’t think he does. All he cares about is controlling you, and that’s just not right.”

“Right or wrong, that’s the way it is.”
“Tell me something, Julie; where do you see this thing with David going? Is he going to leave his wife for you? Is he going to introduce you to his friends and family? Or are you always going to be his dirty little secret?”

“For your information, I’ve met his family; so, I’m not his ‘dirty little secret’, as you put it. As to whether he’s going to leave his wife for me, who said that’s what I want? Maybe it’s enough for me that he’s looking after Junior and me – and the rest of my family, I might add,” I snapped.

“If it is, it shouldn’t be! I love you, Julie; I would marry you in a heartbeat and tell the whole world about us. You say you’re not a secret in his world, but does he take you to family functions? Does he introduce you to his friends? I don’t think he does.”

“I didn’t come here to talk about my relationship with David! I came to be with you and I thought that’s why you called me over. If it’s not, tell me and I’ll leave right now!” I threatened.

The threat appeared to work; for a few seconds he did not respond, but then he sighed, as though in defeat, and then answered; “Don’t go; stay and we won’t talk about him anymore,” he promised.

I sighed too, but in relief and satisfaction.

“Good,” I nodded, then moved past him and further into the house.


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