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Caramel Cafe, rich in looks and smell

Situated at the border of Naalya and Namugongo within Quality Supermarket premises, Caramel is one eatery that you will definitely get a sniff of from afar, more so as you approach Namugongo hill.

The aromas that emanate from there are very attractive and smell of high prices, and high prices you will find, although the great ambience will momentarily make it justified. If the evening ambience with the team lights is enthusing, the morning sunrise with the dim lights is even better.

The staff seemed shocked by my early Monday morning entrance, but gathered themselves quickly and were ready for their first serve of the week.

They were probably surprised by my hoody and laid-back dress code, as opposed to the suited clients that followed me later. They have different menu booklets for the different times of the day and they confidently let you know everything on the menu is available – a rarity in Ugandan restaurants.

Early diners have at least 10 options ranging from English, Norwegian, and Belgian to American breakfasts to choose from. Of course, it’s the usual eggs, bacon, tuna, bread, just prepared in different styles.

At Shs 34,000, the Giant Salmon Omelette is the most expensive breakfast and comes with bread, four eggs (which can be poached, boiled or deep fried – I reduced mine to just two), smoked and salty salmon, the smooth and gliding cream cheese and chives – plated with avocado, tomatoes and five onion rings.

Surely at 34,000, a full tomato or avocado or even onion would not dent the restaurant’s finances that much!

If you opt for coffee, then you lose out on the juice which is also limited to just three choices. The nearly perfect food decoration does not match the tastes, however, which fell below my expectations.


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