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Palms ‘premium meats’ worth the hype

The way Palms bar and restaurant in Kira hypes their “premium meats” as the only “one of their kind, marinated for eight hours straight and baked for four hours in a special oven on slow fires - also the only one of its kind”, you just want to get your hands on the meals.

True to their word, the buffet is quite sumptuous with unique tastes and flavours. Interestingly, their signature goat meat is at times ‘not understood’ by some diners.

“Because of the special way in which we make our meals, some customers, especially Kenyans, were complaining that the meals are bad. But I know that we make the best goat meat in the whole of Uganda. That I can assure you,” director Dr David Mukanga said.

For starters, the goat’s meat does not have the gamy (goaty) smell and due to the slow fire looks unready, especially on the outside. But dig in and you will appreciate the power of the marinade. It is soft and juicy dripping, full of vinegar cumin, clove, cardamom, and turmeric flavours – all well balanced out.

Even for a non-goat-meat lover, you can smell the flavours from afar. The chicken was equally great, but the goat’s meat was even better. I had looked forward to the chapatis, but they did not match their tasty look as they tasted a bit rubbery.

I love my chapati hard with a slight crunchy crust. The fish nuggets were also nothing special, but the vegetarians would fall in love with their doodo greens that can pass off as sauce on their own and pair well with the rice and the perfectly done matooke.


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