Do you know your child's friends?

We are living in quite special times. The good people are unbelievably good, and the evil ones are also so deep in their evil ways, you would be spooked.

And in the middle of it all lie our children – trusting and innocent about how the world rolls lately. Have you ever stopped to wonder where cult leaders, witchdoctors and devil worshippers take their children for an education? You guessed right; to your Budos, Kabojjas, Greenhills, Gayazas, etc, just like every well meaning parent.

Gone are the days when the village sorcerer was also the poorest member of the community, whose children did not go to school. Welcome to the era of elite covens of satanists and cultists, who very possibly have even more money than you.

And their children are your children’s best friends. When a child grows up in a Catholic home, that child will know the ways of Catholicism perfectly. If s/he is from a Pentecostal family, that is the spiritual background and practice s/he will know.

And if the family is Muslim, the same rules will apply, just as they will apply to a child whose family is deep into the occult and satanism. That makes our schools interesting spiritual melting pots, and unless you mind your child’s spiritual business acutely, you will be shocked by how quickly the wrong friend can lead your offspring astray.

When my daughter used to beg me to go for her friends’ sleepovers, my answer was a standard no, until she stopped asking to go. I would tell her, “I know your friend well, but I don’t know her family!”

As she grew older, she finally understood it. We have angelic children that are friends with our children, but there could be a rapist or paedophile in their homes...how will you know?

Your underage child can easily be initiated into practices you don’t approve of, simply because you are too liberal about whom they hang out with. Some families have drug pushers, or even strange doctrines on sexuality, God, etc. We are living in very unique times; pay attention to detail, lest you wake up to what is going on when it is too late.


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