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Are you praying for Uganda?

Lately I am feeling such uncharacteristic anger over everything happening in this country that I wonder whether I am on my own.

It is like my Motherland has decided to rise up every morning with the sole purpose of annoying the living daylights out of me. Maybe it is God’s way of telling me, “Pray!”

Before, I had coping mechanisms; I did not tune in to political talk shows, did not engage in any kind of political debate and digested my news very selectively. Call it self-preservation. Then it stopped working.

With social media it is difficult to keep your head in the sand for long. And with the skyrocketing prices of everything, coupled with the politics, bad infrastructure, corruption and – the icing on my bitter cake – our legislators yet again considering raising their remuneration, I am finding myself outright irate, lately.

Then there is the way life has become so cheap in my beloved country; so cheap that Ugandans no longer respect the dead and openly cheer when someone dies. So cheap that there is a hair-raisingly fatal motor accident every day. It is like someone is offering blood sacrifices left, right and centre.

I thought to myself as I drove to work,“If just ten more people in these cars around me feel as angry as I do lately, then we are a country on a time bomb.”

We need to do something. This is a year of a promised revival of God in Uganda, yet it is also the year when everything feels like it is standing on its head, from the economy to our social lives.

Pray for Uganda. If you have the grace to intercede, just pray for Uganda, that we may not lose that which God planned for us, but also that we may find individual and national peace.

I am even considering quitting Twitter; every time I put my phone down after browsing the platform, I feel my blood pressure ticking upwards for several minutes after.

Well, it could be just me – I doubt it – nonetheless, pray.



0 #1 Issac 2022-05-17 17:47
Its every where my friend people are so angry
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0 #2 S_M 2022-05-20 02:12
When has prayer ever worked? Uganda is one of the most prayerful countries in the world, yet it's still one of the most miserable in almost all human development factors. Only a revolution (individual and political) can change the country's fortunes.
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