The Moments has everlasting dining moments

Clearly, The Moments restaurant in Kiwatule was not an afterthought. It was planned and designed to perfection.

From the rich thematic menu, relaxing ambience (way better than most hotel lobbies), the well-designed overlooking bar, natural lighting, executive seats, charging sockets, waist-level tables, and open-view kitchen, here you will get the finest gastronomic impressions.

Even when they take almost an hour to prepare fish, you hardly notice time passing by. The customer care is exquisite. But all that comes at a costly price; check in with comfortable pockets. Little wonder the kind of diners that drive in ooze class and money.

The Victoria Delight – a whole tilapia (oven-baked, deep-fried or charcoal-grilled) appears to be their selling point. Whereas fish is one of the quickest meals to prepare especially if it was pre-marinated, here if you opt for charcoal-grilled, they take their time.

You may consider pre-ordering if patience is not one of your virtues. It is a giant fish and wholly worth the Shs 35,000 price. It comes with a smoky flavour, well infused in its marinade with a crispy skin especially from the middle to the tail.

For some reason, the head area which appears more rubbery and not so moist is not given as much attention even when it comes to cleaning, especially if you are one of those who enjoy their chewy gills.

Served on a fish-shaped wooden platter, it is finely garnished with boiled cauliflower, fresh tomatoes and carrots with salsa and soup, potato wedges, plantain or mashed potatoes served as condiments.

The garnish stays clear of the fish, so you can enjoy the entire fish flavours without competition. For the nighttime diners, the experience is even better.

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