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Mbidde: Susan is simply the best!

A kwanjula worth Shs 150m is something that Buganda’s Katikkiro JB Walusimbi would describe as bad for his much cherished Kiganda culture.

But this is what Fred Dennis Mukasa Mbidde reportedly spent as he was introduced to the family of Bukomansimbi Woman MP, Susan Namaganda.

Mbidde, the flamboyant member of the East African Legislative Assembly and a legal advisor to the Democratic Party, is understood to have fully financed his function. He was joined by a planning committee led by DP Secretary General and Bukoto South MP, Mathias Nsubuga.

“This is usually a personal function that doesn’t require for one to go soliciting for [financial] support,” Mbidde said.

The gifts for his in-laws cost him about Shs 100m, with sources saying some were bought from Dubai. In the end, the ceremony looked so lavish, it made the katikkiro sad.

“If our forefathers were to resurrect and come here today, they would wonder whether this is an introduction ceremony,” Walusimbi said. “When preparing for these functions, we must respect our culture. Lavishness is not part of it,” the Katikkiro warned.

But as the Katikkiro warned, Mbidde’s friends and relatives were in excitement that he was at last settling down. Mbidde is a father of six and Namaganda is the mother to his youngest son, Elijah. In fact many had worried Mbidde would never settle down and start a family.

“I don’t blame them, because when you take long to marry, you’ll definitely have to raise eyebrows to the extent that people think that you can’t choose someone for a wife,” Mbidde told us.

His election to the East African Legislative Assembly was the turning point in his life. The day he was sworn in as an EALA representative is the day he proposed to Namaganda.

“It was in Arusha, immediately after his swearing-in that he proposed to me,” Namaganda said.

The Bukomansimbi MP was part of a team of Ugandan MPs that went to Arusha to witness the swearing-in of Ugandan EALA representatives. The two had been seeing each other for about 4 years. For Namaganda, who christened herself Ndibamegga (literally meaning; I will defeat my enemies), winning over Mbidde as her husband is one of the battles she has fought and won.

“He needs a woman who can guide him, which I do. He understands me and I understand him,” Namaganda said of Mbidde.

“Susan was easy for me to choose because she is the best. All my life, I have been a leader but one place I had never wanted to lead is my home, and Susan is doing that perfectly well,” said Mbidde.

The love birds had planned to tie the knot on April 27 at Lubaga cathedral; but since the date coincides with Prince David Wasajja’s wedding, they are planning to have theirs at a later date to avoid being over-shadowed by the royal wedding.


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