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Taste of Latin America with Ugandan touch

Did you know that Uganda and most of Latin America share almost the exact food ingredients?

Except for the imported corn flour, the rest of the food varieties and supplies are exactly the same according to El Pecado Kampala restaurant co-director and chef, Christian Dudek (a German). His co-director is Juan Carlos Mock, a Ugandan-Salvadorian.

Going with the tagline: ‘El Pecado, the taste of Latin America’, food from this Bukoto street based restaurant ranging from pepitos, tacos to the nibbles is purely Latin American.

But they will all come prepared from purely Ugandan foods/style, including steaming in banana leaves, but of course with completely different presentation and taste.

Take, for instance, the Pescado Frito Colombiano which even a first-time Spanish speaker should be able to guess that it is a Colombian dish – of whole fried fish (tilapia) with avocado and patacones, which is slightly moist, flattened green plantain, hence the unsweetened taste.

The main courses are accompanied by either potato chips, cassava fries or Spanish rice. The food plating is something else here; fresh sweet hibiscus flowers, tiny fresh bugga leaves (sweet to the taste), avocado, hibiscus and beetroot cream impressively garnish platter.

So refined are the splatters that you can easily mistake them for a plate design but they are not and make for a great scoop with the deep-fried ‘Bwaise’ yam crunchy chips.

The lightly breaded tilapia is served with the gills still intact (how so Ugandan), is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside – just slightly lacking in ignorable salting. 

The Spanish/Mexican rice too may not be too far off in looks and taste from the familiar fluffy tomato rice Ugandans are used to. It is stuffed with half-cooked green pepper pellets, fresh tomatoes to give off a tangy taste. It will be Shs 36,000 well spent for a new dining experience.

You may also want to try out the cocktails and Mexican beer served with roasted grounds (again, how so Ugandan!)


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