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For food tourism, try the market food court

The way to Nakasero food court behind California Plaza along Market street is not for the faint-hearted.

From the pushing and shoving of both motorized and human traffic, to the ever-rising heaps of fresh fruit and rotting garbage, to jumping over matooke-peeling women, it’s an exhausting trip.  

This is not for the nitpicky, but if you are looking for cheap and fresh food, the hustle is worth it. At just Shs 3,500 one can have a breakfast of matooke, groundnut paste, Irish potatoes, and rice with the biggest cup of tea. Yes, breakfast. When one opts for meat or chicken, one quickly learns that eky’enkya (breakfast) and emmere (food) are essentially the same foods. Only the time of eating differs. 

The pricing and portioning is also slightly different. Eky’enkya’s portion is smaller, while emmere is bigger. For an extra Shs 500 or Shs 1,000, you can earn yourself an extra two pieces of meat or chicken. 

The restaurants, like the food market, work 24 hours. There is always someone hungry and there is always food – all freshly made. The same premises are shared and operated by two different restaurants in a staggered fashion. 

Restaurant ownership changes every after 12 hours; so, don’t be surprised if your sugar or salt comes fridge-cold. This is because when ownership and operations are switching over, old management locks up all their utensils, even money in the freezer.

The tea is extremely aromatic, because it is spiced with lemon grass (kisubi), African basil tea (mujaaja), and cinnamon. The food, of course, like at all Ugandan food markets, is very tasty – the groundnut paste is soil-free, fresh and well cooked.


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