And then the clock stopped ticking at Tik Tok

The name is suggestive of a teen hangout but, Tik Tok cafe and restaurant on Windsor Loop in Kololo is really a family hideout.

Even the large cushioned seat arrangement, expansive children’s play area and outdoor garden restaurant tents with private curtains suggest as much. Traffic is surprisingly high, cutting across in almost equal measure between Ugandan and Asian diners.

The menu is predominately Asian- themed and relatively affordable for the elite diners. Whereas orders are taken in an instant, you will have to have utmost patience not to walk away when your order gets delayed by nearly an hour. This is no place to walk in for a quick meal; so, have someone or something to preoccupy you as you wait.

At least the chef is kind enough to tell you to “wait for about 20 minutes” (read 50 minutes) even for a mere mushroom soup.

Mushrooms are not the most flavourful or aromatic - most especially these modern, urban kaveera-grown ones. So, the taste, unlike other soups where you start savouring the tastes right by the nose, this creamy luscious mushroom soup only starts to get into the souping groove almost at the end. You start to wish you had more.

The meaty white mushrooms are so bland; luckily they are not served in plenty especially if you’re not a mushroom fan.

The cream gives a soothing taste but adding chilli will add the much-needed satisfying wholesomeness. It will make up for the time of anxiety and distress.


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