Local food at its finest

Mad-Eats along Salaama road in Makindye near Kiruddu hospital seems out of place.

It is clearly one of the standout restaurants in the area boosted by the new but now annoyingly and irritating potholed road (too much for a road leading to a referral hospital). 

Despite its fast foods marketing theme, Mad-Eats is entirely for local foods and local food at its finest. Theirs is like the finest kwanjula food served in a restaurant. The matoke has that aromatic subtle sweet flavour brought about by the steaming banana leaves. 

However, it is the vegetable rice flavour engulfing the neighbourhood that will attract you to the place. Even the pumpkin is purely authentic - well steamed without any waters in the fiber, with a sweet flavour. They also go to great lengths to garnish their food. The nakati is half boiled and mixed with raw onion rings and served alongside avocado.  

As for the chicken, it is local boiled chicken but its natural fats make it appear fried. It rightly reminds you of the actual taste and aroma of chicken that the fast food and exotic chicken has gradually made us forget.

The slightly roast chicken is sinewy as expected but well cooked and tears off the hard bones so easily. 

The food comes at a relatively high price of Shs 15,000 but considering the size of the chicken serving, it is well worth it. The food portions though are not the usual large Ugandan portions, but enough for the average diner. 


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